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Swaddling Through "Transition"

Written By: Michelle C. Sleep EZzz Consulting When a baby is brought into this great big world – it is a truly remarkable moment. You glance down at your brand-new baby and your heart bursts with love. Fast forward to that those first few months at home, desperately trying to swaddle a tired and upset baby. Some swaddling blankets can have stiff Velcro, excess blanket, and just be a plain pain for a sleep deprived parent.  Your baby was in your womb, curled up and cozy for 9 long months. Now they have entered the world, everything is cold, hard and wide-open spaces. This is where the Ollie Swaddle comes into play! Babies love the secure and snug feeling while...

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FAQs with Hindi

Hi, Ollie Family. I wanted to take some time and go through some of our most frequently asked questions with you.  1. When Can I Start Using My Ollie? You can actually start using your Ollie from day one, after your skin-to-skin time with your newborn. This can help to ease the transition from your little one from the womb to the outside world, by assisting in replicating the environment they were most used to... the womb. We have many parents who pack their Ollie in their hospital bag, so they can start implementing their Ollie right away and having it become part of their routine for their little one.    2. When Should I Transition to One or Both Arms Out...

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Five Tips for Instilling Healthy Eating Habits in Your Baby

Please think back to your own meal time experiences for a moment -- when you were growing up, were you forced to clean your plate? Did your parents bribe you to eat your vegetables before you were able to have dessert? If you're like many parents today, you want to give your baby the best nutritional start by by teaching her to choose healthy food options and listen to internal hunger cues. How, though, do you go about doing so?  One important aspect to keep in mind is that food is not a one-size-fits-all equation. Babies are born at different sizes and with different genetic make-ups. Some babies will grow faster than others, and this does not usually indicate that one baby is healthier than...

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Safe Water Play Ideas for Baby

With temperatures heating up across the country, water play is a great way to keep your baby cooled off and entertained. Not only is water play fun, but it’s a stimulating way for your baby to practice motor skills. Understandably, many parents are also concerned about water safety during these warmer months. We’ve compiled five safe water play ideas that you and your baby can partake in together. 1. Bucket, Scoops, and Spoons This simple water play activity is perfect for babies to learn spatial awareness, as well as practice their pouring skills. Take a small bucket with various measuring cups and spoons that you already have around the home and let him splash and engage! 2. Water Table or...

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The Building Blocks of Healthy Sleep Habits

The first three months of life are often referred to as the fourth trimester when your little one is still adjusting to life outside of the womb. During this adjustment, baby is depending on your to lead in building healthy habits – including healthy sleep habits.  At first you may be overwhelmed with your little one’s irregular sleep patterns. While it will be a gradual shift to sleeping more consistently at night, it will happen. So, how can you help support your little one through this transition during the first few months of life?  Educate yourself on newborn and infant sleep patterns. You can expect your baby to sleep between 16-18 hours per day for the first month and 11-15...

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