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Spring Forward: Adjusting Baby Sleep for Daylight Savings

Ahhhh… Spring! Spring means flowers are blooming, birds are tweeting, and mamas are pushing strollers without freezing. But…there are also three naughty words also associated with spring: Daylight Saving Time. As mothers, we know Daylight Savings was created to punish us for the offenses of our youth, right? Could there possibly be any other reason why the entire nation would want to mess with our baby’s sleep/wake schedule? Well, I actually have some really good news about the springtime Daylight Savings adjustment. If your little one is an early riser, adjusting the clock an hour later just solved your problem. What used to be a 5:30am wake time will now be a 6:30am wake time! I have three solutions for...

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Keeping Baby Warm and Safe in the Car

Photo: @lynseybeatonx   Keeping Baby Warm and Safe in the Car As winter arrives and the weather is cooling down, you’re probably out shopping for winter essentials for your family. If you have a baby, or are an expectant mother, you might be at a loss for how to keep your little one safe and warm on-the-go. It may seem like a good idea to buy the thickest, puffiest jacket you can find, but that’s not the safest choice for your little one. Instead, use our tips below to keep your little one safe in the car and more specifically, in her car seat. Use light layers. Layering is a great way to help your little one maintain the warmth...

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