Ollie Full Circle™

Where We Come From and What We Will Always Be Doing

Hindi developed the Ollie for her foster-son, Oliver who was on the verge of being labeled "failure-to-thrive". Oliver was difficult, unable to be soothed, and struggled with the basics of just eating and sleeping. Hindi created the Ollie swaddle for him, with the hope of helping him to be able to sleep and become properly soothed. Since Oliver started using the Ollie swaddle, he began to flourish and thrive and that was the motivation for Hindi to create The Ollie World.

"It is our mission and drive to bring awareness and give back to the foster community, since it is our foundation and our history. It is something we have done and will always continue to do, as it is the essence of what makes us come full circle."

Since The Ollie World was founded, the Ollie World has donated thousands of Ollie swaddles to foster-infants and their families. For more information about Ollie Full Circle, please reach out to Care@theollieworld.com.


Ray is an almost 3-month-old infant male. He has been consistently irritable. His foster to adopt mother, was exhausted and attachment was waning. The mother was given an Ollie swaddle for Ray (Ollie World donates the swaddles to the SART centers) and immediately, right there in the clinic, Ray calmed.

His mother exclaimed with tears in her eyes that she had never seen him stop moving. They had their first eye-to-eye contact, beautiful to see. His mother says ‘since using the swaddle and learning what you are teaching me, he has begun to grow and is sleeping and learning new skills. You and the Ollie saved my life, I was so sleep deprived. Thank you.

The Ollie World’s Full Circle Mission Donates Hundreds of Children’s Masks to Protect Kids During COVID-19