Frequently Asked Questions

Why is swaddling so important?

Neurodevelopment is a term referring to the brain's development of neurological pathways that influence performance or functioning (e.g., intellectual functioning, reading ability, social skills, memory, attention or focus skills).

The Ollie promotes a calm regulated state for your little one. If you can decrease the irritability and dis-regulation so your little one can be calm and focused, it will not only build the attachment, it will also allow your little one to have longer periods of alertness, which is connected to learning, memory, and attention. It is crucial to establish a foundation where your little one can feel calm in her world, focus, attend, and learn what it feels like to feel at ease and the Ollie can assist in creating that foundation.

  • Swaddled babies have more restful sleep. Swaddling helps your little one to feel secure like they did in the womb.
  • Swaddling helps sleeping infants remain on their backs. Since back sleeping is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of SIDS, this is very important. Keep in mind that once babies are able to roll from back-to-front purposefully it is time to stop swaddling.
  • Swaddling decreases the startle reflex. Since swaddling makes babies feel secure, they are less likely to wake up due to being startled and this means better quality of sleep.
  • REM sleep is important for brain development. Better sleep means more time in REM sleep and a healthier baby.
  • Number four applies to parents, too. When your baby gets more sleep, so do you. When you get more sleep, you’re able to be more effective when you are awake.
  • Swaddling reduces colic and fussiness. A happy, secure baby will be calmer and less prone to unexplained fussiness. This calm can also aid in better digestion.
  • Swaddling prevents over-stimulation. When your little one was in the womb, she was protected from the overwhelming stimulation of lights, sounds and feelings of the outside world. Since the Ollie Swaddle is designed to mimic the comfort of the womb, it makes your baby feel that same protection of being inside of mom.
  • Swaddling helps keep baby warm. Babies’ bodies are not as efficient as our own at regulating temperature. The Ollie Swaddle helps babies to stay warm while the patented material wicks away moisture keeping them dry.
  • It can also aid in successful breastfeeding. Not only does a calm baby nurse better, but if you tuck your baby's hands into the swaddle it will help keep them from pushing away or scratching your breast.
  • The Ollie Swaddle aids in proper hip development. One concern with swaddling is that it can affect the development of your baby’s hips if constraint is put on joints. Our fabric provides stretch to allow freedom of movement in joints, while still providing the comfort of swaddle.
How should I swaddle using the Ollie?

When you are ready to swaddle your little one, start out by smoothing the Ollie out flat. The top has indentations that are designed to help you in positioning your baby and also to decrease bunching, which is a safety feature.

When laying your child on the swaddle, place him or her with shoulders slightly above the top of your Ollie. This will allow you to cross the sides of the Ollie right below your little one's shoulders. Making sure your Ollie is below the shoulders helps to ensure that no fabric bunches around the neck and there is no constraint put on the shoulder joints. This is very important to your baby’s safety during sleep.

When folding the first side of your Ollie over, bring it across your little one’s torso and tuck it over and behind your little one’s right arm. Once both arms have been tucked, take the second side of the Ollie and attach it to the hook and loop closures to customize the fit.

When folding the sides of the Ollie across your little one's arms and body, it is important to pull the fabric tightly. Swaddling is meant to resemble to womb, so the Ollie needs to be secure across your little one's torso. We know this can be quite intimidating and even scary, but a loose wrap really defeats the purpose of swaddling. Rest assured that a tight swaddle is soothing and comforting for your little one.

The last step in securing your Ollie is the elastic loop. As always, the safety of your little one is our first concern. Always make sure to tie the elastic loop directly underneath your little one's feet. The Ollie is made to grow with your little one, so even if there is plenty of room at the bottom, it is important to make sure the elastic is closed right below your little one's feet. This helps them to feel warm and secure while still being able to move their legs and feet.

Please remember that the Ollie Swaddle is designed only for use when your baby is lying on their back. Our final safety tip is to be very aware of your baby’s milestones. Once your little one is able to roll over from back to stomach on their own, it is time to stop fully swaddling. At this time, you can use your Ollie as a transition by swaddling with one or both arms out or stop the swaddle completely.

Here is a review of the key points of correct usage for your The Ollie Swaddle:

    1. Make sure the Ollie ALWAYS starts below the shoulders. There should never be any fabric above the shoulders or near the neck or face.
    2. The elastic loop should ALWAYS be tied directly below the little one’s feet.
    3. “The Ollie” logo should always be within the center of little’s torso and 2-3 inches below chin.
What is the moisture wicking technology? How does it work?

Moisture wicking fabric is commonly used in workout clothing and sportswear because the material is designed to pull or “wick” moisture away from the skin. The idea is that by bringing perspiration away from skin and to the top of the fabric, it evaporates more easily instead of being trapped between the fabric and your body. This helps for physiological regulation and to reduce the risk of such things as rashes, which can occur when excess moisture remains close to your little one's skin.

While many people think that this type of fabric is exclusive to the need or desire to stay cool, it is also important for athletes who compete in very cold conditions. If sweat is not wicked away from the body during exertion, the moisture can easily cool down and even freeze, causing body temperatures to lower dangerously.

Some fabrics (be it fitness clothing or another swaddle) are sprayed with a residue that soaks into the fabric essentially making it wick moisture away from the body. However, over time as the fabric becomes worn and is washed and dried, this spray deteriorates, compromising the ability to wick moisture.

The threads we use for the Ollie Swaddle are patented. We actually weave a special thread into the fabric that the Ollie is made with, ensuring that your swaddle will maintain its integrity over the test of time.

During the warmer months, the Ollie will ensure that your little one stays secure, dry and free from sweat. During the colder months, the Ollie will serve to keep your little one secure and warm without causing overheating.

What is the startle reflex? How does Ollie help with this?

The startle reflex is normally present in all infants/newborns up to 3 or 4 months of age but, can last up to 6 months. It is an involuntary response due to central nervous system immaturity that can occur for no reason or in response to such things as loud noises, sudden movements, or a sudden loss of support. It is involves three distinct components: spreading out the arms (abduction), un-spreading the arms (adduction), and crying (usually). By the time your baby is 3 to 6 months old, he probably won't demonstrate the startle reflex any longer. He'll have more control over his movements, more muscle control, and his reflexes will become less jerky.

The Ollie helps to calm down the central nervous system in your little one by fully containing the extremities. When your little one's limbs are securely wrapped in the Ollie, they are less likely to wake up due to being startled, thus decreasing the startle reflex.

Will Ollie help with colicky or reflux babies?

Sometimes, when a little one as colic or reflux, they have so much over-stimulation going on in their environment. The Ollie helps to calm their system, help them to be relaxed, so they have the opportunity to focus on feeding. Once they get some body input and security that helps to calm them down, it allows them to focus better on a task, such as feeding.

How do I create a safe sleep environment for baby?

Please review our Safe Sleep page for more information.

When can I start using the Ollie?

You can start using your Ollie from day one. After having skin to skin with your little one after birth, you can start wrapping your amazing little one in your Ollie. Although the Ollie is one size, it does accommodate little ones who are preemies or needing to be in NICU. If you would like more information or assistance on how to use your Ollie, please contact us at

When do I transition?

Here at the Ollie World we approach the use of the Ollie swaddle from more of a developmental perspective, rather than age or weight. Your Ollie is 30.5" in length and 28" in width and meant to grow with your little one. When your little one reaches the milestone of being able to roll over from back to stomach, it is important to either stop swaddling or use your Ollie as a transition swaddle with one or both arms out.

How do I wash the Ollie?

To wash your Ollie, secure hook and loop tabs and place the Ollie in a delicates laundry bag. Wash on the delicates cycle in cold water with a baby safe detergent. To dry, tumble dry on a low-temperature or no heat delicates setting or you can choose to air dry.

What should my little one wear underneath?

It is important to always confer with your pediatrician to determine the ideal temperature of the room where your little will be sleeping. They will be able to provide an in-person consultation and evaluation that, unfortunately, we are just not able to provide. From there, you will be able to better choose what your little one should be wearing under the Ollie.

What is the Ollie made out of?

Your Ollie is made from a patented fiber woven through our custom blend material made from 86% polyester and 14% spandex.

Is there an age/ weight limit?

We approach use of the Ollie more from a developmental perspective, rather than age or weight. The Ollie is 30.5" in length and 28" in width and allows for an individualized custom fit for each little one. Because the Ollie is one size and designed to grow with your little one, it is important to understand what developmental stage your little one is currently. If your little one is at the newborn level, the Ollie can be used as a traditional swaddle. If your little one is able to roll from back to stomach, you can use the Ollie as a transition swaddle with one or both arms out.

What is the TOG rating for the Ollie swaddle?

TOG stands for "thermal overall grade." It is essentially a measure of thermal resistance of a unit area, also known as thermal insulance. This shows how much of an area that a particular fabric insulates. The TOG rating determines thickness and therefore how warm it will keep your child. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the garment is. The decision for your TOG rating will also depend on the temperature that you keep your home and nursery.

The Ollie has a tog rating of 0.8. This is on the "lighter" side when it comes to fabrics, which means that the Ollie is made from a single layer without padding. Because of this, it can be suitable in a wide variety of room temperatures depending on what your amazing little one is wearing underneath the Ollie.

The TOG rating of 0.8 can be used as a guideline for parents to determine what to pair with their Ollie depending on the temperature they keep their home. For example, the Ollie could be paired with a short sleeve onesie in a home that is kept above 75 degrees F, or paired with light, long sleeve pajamas in a home that is kept around 70 degrees F.

It is very important to note that even though the Ollie has a TOG rating of 0.8, each little one is unique and so are their needs. Each home, as well, is set at different temperatures and exists in different environments. We always recommend conferring with your pediatrician to determine the ideal room temperature for your little one, since they are able to provide an in-person assessment. The TOG rating should be used as a guide, but it is absolutely not a one-size-fits-all concept.

Has the Ollie swaddle been safety tested?

Here, at The Ollie World, the safety and well being of each little one is our priority and something we take very seriously. Our products go through rigorous testing procedures in order to ensure the safety, quality, and integrity of every aspect of the product. Due to our successful testing results we are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex and awarded the Children's Safety Product Certificate. Please see below for a detailed list of the various testing procedures that were (and continue to be) performed:

Testing Procedures Performed

Chemical Detection Testing:

  • Lead
  • Phalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Cleavable Arylamines (AZO)

Fabric Quality Testing:

  • Colorfastness
  • Flammability
  • Pilling Resistance
  • Dimensional changes after home laundering

Construction Safety Testing:

  • Sharp Edges
  • Sharp Products
  • Suffocation Hazards
  • Hem and Elastic Strength

Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class 1 (Annex 4 or 6)

Can there be any variance in the color of my fabric?

Because every aspect of our fabric is custom, that means there can be some slight variance in the color. There are still specific specs and tolerances that need to be met in order for it to pass both certifications and Quality Control and then be made into any product.