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The Building Blocks of Healthy Sleep Habits

The first three months of life are often referred to as the fourth trimester when your little one is still adjusting to life outside of the womb. During this adjustment, baby is depending on your to lead in building healthy habits – including healthy sleep habits.  At first you may be overwhelmed with your little one’s irregular sleep patterns. While it will be a gradual shift to sleeping more consistently at night, it will happen. So, how can you help support your little one through this transition during the first few months of life?  Educate yourself on newborn and infant sleep patterns. You can expect your baby to sleep between 16-18 hours per day for the first month and 11-15...

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The Dreaded 4-Month Sleep Regression

The Dreaded 4-Month Sleep RegressionHi there! My name is Lauren, the founder of Sleep and the City Child Sleep Consulting, and I was so excited to share my expertise with this subject when the Ollie World asked me to contribute and weigh in! The 4 Month regression is often the most difficult for parents, and there is actually nothing we can do to stop it. What does it look like? How do you know that your baby is experiencing it? And what can you do to stop it? Let’s dive in……So your'e baby has finally begun to sleep all night, and your'e high-fiving yourself for all the hard work that got you up to this point (or working tirelessly to...

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Helping Your Toddler Bond with Baby

If your family is growing, you’re probably wondering how your family dynamic will change with the addition of a little one. As a mother, you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect . . . but your toddler or older child may not. Depending on their age, your older child will have a different comprehension of what it means to welcome a new baby into the family. While each family is different, we have some tips for how to help your toddler bond with your new baby.   1.     Talk about the baby. Your toddler probably understands more than you would believe. By talking about the baby during your pregnancy, your toddler can become accustomed...

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Sleep Consultant Taking Cara Babies

I am excited to have the opportunity to introduce Cara Dumaplin, Founder of Taking Cara Babies. She is a Registered Nurse with 18 years experience in Neonatal ICU, Labor & Delivery, Antepartum and Postpartum Care. Cara is married to a pediatrician and is a mom to four. She is an educator and sleep consultant who helps families all across the nation. I was able to spend time with Cara and discuss some of our top questions.  1. Tell us about your background. I had been a nurse for many years when I brought my first baby home from the hospital. I believed my background in neonatal nursing and being married to a pediatrician would mean having a new baby would be...

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The Ollie Swaddle and Neurodevelopment

Swaddling provides many benefits for your little one. Some of these benefits may seem temporary – like providing comfort and calm – but these can lead to lifelong benefits as your little one is growing and learning.   First, let’s talk about what neurodevelopment is.  Neurodevelopment is the growth of the nervous system – a process that begins at conception and happens all the way through the final stages of life.  Brain development is especially important in the first few years of life because synapses in the brain are being formed that will create the wiring of the brain. While large portion of this development is up to genetics, the brain will fine-tune itself according to experiences and input from the...

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