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The early bedtime.

The early bedtime. Parents either love them or hate them. It's the much needed quiet time that parents crave at the end of the day, but it also means RSVP'ing, "Sorry, I can't make it", to most dinner parties. 

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Different ways moms can support each other

Raising a baby is not an easy task. Whether you are a single parent or you have your partner by your side, you may need the assistance of another person. Someone who has children may offer different perspectives on common issues. They may help advise when you are dealing with unfamiliar topics

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Don't Be Sleepless in Seattle (or anywhere!): Keeping Sleep Routines During Travel

As a parent, the word "travel" takes on quite a different meaning than it did before you were toting along little people, and the mountains of gear they seem to require to go anywhere outside of the house. In our family, we don’t call these trips vacations, they are Away Games. It’s all hands on deck for parents when you travel with kids and as much as you prepare, how everyone will sleep can make even the most experienced traveler nervous. Sleep is guaranteed to be different when you aren’t at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole trip exhausted with an overtired little one. Here are four tips to help your kids sleep well while you’re away,...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let's Discuss The Warning Signs

  Here at The Ollie World, we believe that moms deserve to partake in guilt-free self-care – but what exactly does that look like? Many think of indulgences like bubble baths and pedicures, and though pampering yourself is important, oftentimes self-care looks like getting proper nutrition, sleep, and keeping up with doctor's appointments.  Every year, 1 in 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease has brought tragedy to millions of families, and we want to take a moment to informing women about risk factors and preventative measures that they can take through  simple lifestyle changes. By doing so, we can hopefully enable women to pay close attention to their bodies and catch anything faster that might be awry.  Thankfully, as a result of more support...

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Baby Safety Awareness Month Giveaway

  With Baby Safety Awareness Month coming to a close, we wanted to give one lucky parent the opportunity to win over $1,000 worth of great products with a clear mission to promote infant safety. Here are the details of the prizes! The Ollie World. Our company was founded on the premise of safety for little ones. We have created a smarter swaddle that sits below the shoulders to avoid constraint on baby's developing shoulder joints, as well as to ensure that there are no loose blankets around baby's face. Our patented moisture-wicking material also prevents the risk of overheating, which assists in reducing the risk of overheating. Win an Ollie bundle ($99 value).  Wean Green. This incredible company has created...

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