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Baby Safety Awareness Month Giveaway

  With Baby Safety Awareness Month coming to a close, we wanted to give one lucky parent the opportunity to win over $1,000 worth of great products with a clear mission to promote infant safety. Here are the details of the prizes! The Ollie World. Our company was founded on the premise of safety for little ones. We have created a smarter swaddle that sits below the shoulders to avoid constraint on baby's developing shoulder joints, as well as to ensure that there are no loose blankets around baby's face. Our patented moisture-wicking material also prevents the risk of overheating, which assists in reducing the risk of overheating. Win an Ollie bundle ($99 value).  Wean Green. This incredible company has created...

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The Most Common Harmful Ingredients Used in Baby Products

Most parents are very careful when it comes to a newborn child and want only the best when it comes to the health and safety of their infant. However, despite careful research and consideration, it can still be difficult to distinguish what is good and bad for your child’s welfare. Many would be shocked to learn that many popular baby products, including teething rings, contain harmful ingredients linked to serious health concerns. Parents should always be in the know about what ingredients and materials to avoid. Bisphenol-A (BPA) One of the most common toxins that can be found in baby products is the hormone-disrupting chemical BPA. It has been known to cause damage to the brain, reproductive system, heart, liver,...

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Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Bath

September is National Baby Safety Awareness Month, and we want to speak about some important safety related topics throughout the month to help keep your little one safe. First, let's talk about safety at bath time. What is the best way to bathe your baby to keep her safe? What kinds of precautions should you take? Here are 5 easy and important tips to keep your baby safe at bath time.  1. Ensure the best temperature of the water. One thing to remember is that your baby has very sensitive skin and is therefore more susceptible to burns than you are. You want your baby's bathwater to be lukewarm, and make sure to swirl the water with your hands to make...

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Baby Safety Month + The Mission to Keep Little Ones Safe

September is National Baby Safety Month, a cause that is very close to our hearts both as a business and as a team of professionals, parents, and caregivers. The Ollie Swaddle was created with the safety of little ones in mind, and the entire premise of our product was developed and created as a safer, smarter alternative to traditional swaddles.  The story behind The Ollie World began when Hindi Zeidman was a single foster parent to a little boy named Oliver, who was on the verge of being labeled as failure-to-thrive. Other foster parents had difficulty caring for Oliver because he was struggling to eat and sleep. Hindi had a commitment to see Oliver flourish and proceeded to develop a swaddle to meet his...

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Postpartum Anxiety: Let's Talk About It

Photo Credit: Candace Baker Photography   "I just couldn’t get out of my mind. My body was tense, all day, every day, I had an ongoing feeling of nausea and I couldn’t eat for most of the day; I could not pull myself out of it, to focus on myself, my baby, or anything else. I was paralyzed." - Rochelle "Every time I tried to do something for my baby, I was sure I would hurt her. Did I put detergent in her bottle? If I walked near the window, could she fall out of the window? Did I leave something in her diaper when I last changed her?" - Alex "I was so overcome with worries all the time....

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