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MotherHEARD a Rainbow Baby Story

"There it was. Two red lines, indicating that I was pregnant. For most people, this is nothing but good news. For me, someone who had just lost a baby 3 months prior, it was a bit more complicated.  Rewind to July 5th, 2018. I was 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and decided to fly to California to visit my parents for a few days. The morning started out like any other with my family; everyone wakes up, has a cup of coffee, then showers and gets on with their day. I followed the routine, and after I showered while drying myself off, I noticed my legs were still wet. Odd, but not anything to worry about. I continued...

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The First Moments of Your Babies Life

The First Moments of Your Babies Life   During pregnancy, you sit for hours and imagine how your baby is going to look like and how will he or she feel the first time you are going to hold them. You wonder how birth for him/her is, how a healthy baby looks, how will he/she react in the early hours of life. Let’s answer some of these questions.

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The Baby Items I Really Use

It can be a bit overwhelming when deciding which products to purchase for your little one. Now that Olive is here, it is clear which products I actually use with her. I had a list of products I thought I needed, but these are the ones I truly use with her. Please note, I am not sponsored by these brands nor am I being paid; this is my honest opinion about what has worked best for me and my daughter:   1. Clek Liing I have always been a fan of this company and the safety features provided with their products. So, when they announced they were launching an infant car seat, the Liing, I knew this was a top...

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A Few Quick Pregnancy Fatigue Tips

It is not at all uncommon to experience pregnancy fatigue. It seems only natural that sustaining two lives drains you of more energy than only dealing with your own. Having a fetus growing in your belly most certainly takes its toll on your body. Pregnancy fatigue is often accompanied by a multitude of aches, pains, and sore muscles. How you deal with these problems will often determine your level of pregnancy fatigue. Pregnancy fatigue is generally caused by your body adjusting to natural hormonal changes, and the added weight of carrying the baby. You may also be having trouble sleeping due to aches and pains, vivid dreams, or simply too much stress.

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