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Wall Decor for Baby's Nursery: A Fun, Easy DIY

I love making DIY projects. There have been many days where I have felt like being creative, but just had no energy to create something myself. That’s when I go to Pinterest and search for something that would look good in my house AND would be easy enough to do in less than 30 minutes! I can’t be the only one who does this, right? Here is the cutest and easiest wall decor for your new little one's nursery! This can also double as a picture prop for your monthly growth pictures. Here’s what you’ll need! An embroidery hoop – I used a 12” hoop, but you can use any size. Fabric of your choice – I went to the clearance section...

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Going From One to Two Kids: My Best Tips, Tricks, + Hacks

  I was a young mom with my daughter, and it sometimes seemed like it was us against the world. She was by my side throughout my entire college experience and even walked across the stage with me at graduation. For nine whole years, we were a family of three. Back then, I thought that I could never possibly want more children, nor did I have any desire to add to our little family dynamic. We were perfect just as we were.  When I was in graduate school, I suddenly decided that I wanted more kids. We welcomed Colin in October of 2013, two months before my daughter's 9th birthday. We then welcomed Graham in February 2016, about 28 months after...

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All About TOG Ratings + Our Patented, Moisture Wicking Fabric

Photo by Jaebird Photography We often get asked many questions about our patented, moisture wicking fabric and its unique properties, as well as what your amazing little ones should wear underneath their Ollie. Did you know that fabrics have TOG ratings that serve as guides to let you know how insulated a particular fabric is? This will help you when deciding how to dress your little one, as well as give you a better understanding of our fabric. Please note this information is intended to be used as a guideline, but it is important to always remember each little one is unique and so are their needs. We always recommend conferring with your pediatrician to determine the ideal room temperature for your little one,...

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How to Help Your Baby Meet & Excel at Milestones: 0-6 months

It is the American culture to want all of our kids to excel and be the best at everything they do from the beginning, right? In my own practice, I often find my new parents are overwhelmed with what they should be doing with their newborn/infant. We use the term “Back to Sleep” so often that it’s ingrained in our parents' minds, which is wonderful for SLEEPING! However, we as providers often forget to discuss the importance of ACTIVITY at an early age!  With the rise of technology and thousands of “baby products,” I have seen a significant increase in motor delays in my practice. Physical & cognitive activity is super important from day one!  Here are a few ways to help...

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What Is Mastitis? + How to Prevent It

Oh the joys of breastfeeding! Everyone hears all these good things; have you heard any of the following? "It's natural, so it's easy." "Breast is best." "It helps mom lose weight faster." "You can't get pregnant while breastfeeding." "It enhances the bond between mom and baby." Wow! Not only are these not true for every breastfeeding mom, but society tends to conveniently omit the tougher parts. There are cracked and bleeding nipples, difficulty emptying breasts, engorgement, supply issues, clots, thrush, poor latches, leaking, spraying, and mastitis! Today, we are focusing on mastitis. What exactly is mastitis? Mastitis is inflammation of the breast where an area of the breast is blocked from releasing milk. Because of this, redness, pain, and heat are present. Sometimes moms will...

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