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Swaddling Through "Transition"

Written By: Michelle C. Sleep EZzz Consulting When a baby is brought into this great big world – it is a truly remarkable moment. You glance down at your brand-new baby and your heart bursts with love. Fast forward to that those first few months at home, desperately trying to swaddle a tired and upset baby. Some swaddling blankets can have stiff Velcro, excess blanket, and just be a plain pain for a sleep deprived parent.  Your baby was in your womb, curled up and cozy for 9 long months. Now they have entered the world, everything is cold, hard and wide-open spaces. This is where the Ollie Swaddle comes into play! Babies love the secure and snug feeling while...

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6 Ways to Memorialize Your Pregnancy

Nine months of pregnancy seems an eternity when you get that little pink positive on the test stick. In this day and age, we no longer have to wait until we start having symptoms of pregnancy, which can start as late as 8 or 10 weeks for some. Instead, we have pregnancy tests that will determine a positive just days after conception. This can make the pregnancy journey seem even longer! While you are growing, suffering morning sickness and anxiously awaiting the new addition to the family, here are a few ways to memorialize your pregnancy; both for yourself and to pass along to the child in the future.

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Tips for Surviving Daylight Savings Time with Kids

We are so excited to feature Brooke Nalle from Sleepy on Hudson, a pediatric sleep consultant with training in child development and sleep science. Many parents are anxious about Daylight Savings Time and the effect it can have on their child's sleep, and Brooke is here to help us ease into the transition with her top survival tips.  Daylight Savings Tips from Sleepy on Hudson If you didn’t have young kids, then you would likely love the idea of sleeping for an additional hour. However, you do – and on Sunday November 5th, your happy and awake guy at 6AM is now your happy and awake guy at 5AM! If you are dealing with a cranky baby who is accustomed to an 8:30AM nap and it...

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Introducing Your Breastfed Baby to A Bottle

Many moms who choose to breastfeed eventually want the option to give their baby a bottle. Whether you’re going back to work or just want a night out, there are steps you can take to make the introduction to a bottle a more seamless one.  Introducing your breastfed baby to a bottle takes some planning and patience. For a smooth transition, start offering the bottle somewhere between the third to fourth week when your milk supply is fully established and breastfeeding is off to a good start. This three- to four-week window is ideal because waiting longer can result in a baby who might reject the bottle completely. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when introducing your baby...

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Safe Water Play Ideas for Baby

With temperatures heating up across the country, water play is a great way to keep your baby cooled off and entertained. Not only is water play fun, but it’s a stimulating way for your baby to practice motor skills. Understandably, many parents are also concerned about water safety during these warmer months. We’ve compiled five safe water play ideas that you and your baby can partake in together. 1. Bucket, Scoops, and Spoons This simple water play activity is perfect for babies to learn spatial awareness, as well as practice their pouring skills. Take a small bucket with various measuring cups and spoons that you already have around the home and let him splash and engage! 2. Water Table or...

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