Q: My little one is going to turn 8 weeks. Can I continue to use the Ollie Swaddle past 8 weeks?


The answer is...⁠


The good news is that your Ollie is purposefully designed to grow with your little one. So, if you are seeing signs that YOUR little one is beginning to reach the monumental stage of rolling from back to stomach, you can begin to use your Ollie with one or both arms out. And, the best part? Because the Ollie has freedom of movement in both the hips and the shoulder joints, your little one will not have any constraint put on any of their amazing joints in either version of swaddling. You can continue to use your Ollie swaddle as a traditional sleep sack throughout their first year!


We know that this transition time can feel hard or even seem scary at first.  You can move through this transition time slowly too. Try starting to transition during your little one's easiest nap time. Some families try one arm out for a week then move to two but there is no wrong answer. The transition that works best is the one that works best for you and your little one! And, do not worry! The amazing sleep foundation that you have created will not go away, promise! If you see that your little one is regressing with sleep having one or both arms out, remember, with little ones, consistency is everything. Keep going. Keep being consistent. YOU GOT THIS!

So often we as parents find out selves comparing ourselves or the milestones that our children reach with our friends and family. Please hear us when we say:

"Every little one is unique and will reach this developmental milestone at different times."

If your little one is not quite ready to roll just yet, that's ok! Reaching this milestone will come when it is time for your little one to reach this momentous moment. As your little one further develops, tummy time can be a useful tool in teaching you little one to roll naturally too. As we have mentioned above, each little one is unique and requires a different set of needs. Always talk to your pediatrician about tummy time and how long your little one should be on their stomach each day. 

We understand that in order for little ones to continue to thrive and have waking developmental growth, they need restful sleep. And, so do you mama! Regardless if your little one has reached this amazing milestone, your little one will be able to get the necessary sleep they need when using their Ollie swaddle.