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Tips for Surviving Daylight Savings Time with Kids

We are so excited to feature Brooke Nalle from Sleepy on Hudson, a pediatric sleep consultant with training in child development and sleep science. Many parents are anxious about Daylight Savings Time and the effect it can have on their child's sleep, and Brooke is here to help us ease into the transition with her top survival tips.  Daylight Savings Tips from Sleepy on Hudson If you didn’t have young kids, then you would likely love the idea of sleeping for an additional hour. However, you do – and on Sunday November 5th, your happy and awake guy at 6AM is now your happy and awake guy at 5AM! If you are dealing with a cranky baby who is accustomed to an 8:30AM nap and it...

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The Building Blocks of Healthy Sleep Habits

The first three months of life are often referred to as the fourth trimester when your little one is still adjusting to life outside of the womb. During this adjustment, baby is depending on your to lead in building healthy habits – including healthy sleep habits.  At first you may be overwhelmed with your little one’s irregular sleep patterns. While it will be a gradual shift to sleeping more consistently at night, it will happen. So, how can you help support your little one through this transition during the first few months of life?  Educate yourself on newborn and infant sleep patterns. You can expect your baby to sleep between 16-18 hours per day for the first month and 11-15...

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Seasons of Giving and Receiving

Photo: @audreyblake_   Seasons of Giving and Receiving As women, we are natural-born givers. It is engrained in our being to give to and do for others. When we enter the season of motherhood, this is amplified even more as we have a tiny life that depends on us for so long. We pour into them each and every day: caring, loving, teaching, and comforting. We go to bed at night exhausted from giving until our own cup is empty. If there is one thing I have learned so far in this journey of life, it is that there are seasons of giving and receiving. I want to share this because I know that there are so many mothers out...

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The Importance of Co-Sleeping and What it REALLY Means

  The Importance of Co-Sleeping and What it REALLY Means Your little one spends nine months inside of you and then suddenly is introduced to this big, scary world. She listens to your heartbeat and your voice, feeling everything you feel. After arriving earth side, she craves the comfort and warmth of her sweet mommy—you! For this reason, co-sleeping is so very important. First, let’s clearly define what we mean by co-sleeping in this post. We don’t mean sleeping in the same bed, as that is not safe for your baby according to safe sleep guidelines. It may seem tempting to fall asleep with your baby in your arms, but it really isn’t. The risk of suffocation is increased significantly...

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The Rule of Ten

The Rule of Ten Life can become so overwhelming sometimes in that we have so much to do and don’t even know where to begin. It may be that chores are piling up and you find yourself bringing tasks home from work. When you find yourself stuck, try to think of your time in the short-term instead of becoming overwhelmed by everything you have on your plate. Commit to taking on life in ten-minute increments when you get overwhelmed. Ten minutes may not seem like a lot, but when you really commit to focusing for that period of time, you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish. The wonderful thing is, you can apply “the ten minute rule” to so many...

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