The Importance of Co-Sleeping and What it REALLY Means



The Importance of Co-Sleeping and What it REALLY Means

Your little one spends nine months inside of you and then suddenly is introduced to this big, scary world. She listens to your heartbeat and your voice, feeling everything you feel. After arriving earth side, she craves the comfort and warmth of her sweet mommy—you!

For this reason, co-sleeping is so very important. First, let’s clearly define what we mean by co-sleeping in this post. We don’t mean sleeping in the same bed, as that is not safe for your baby according to safe sleep guidelines. It may seem tempting to fall asleep with your baby in your arms, but it really isn’t. The risk of suffocation is increased significantly as either parent could roll over onto or cover up baby without realizing it.

By co-sleeping, we mean sleeping in the same room. You may not think that would make much of a difference, but it really does. Here’s how:

A decreased risk of SIDS. Sleeping in the same room as your little one for at LEAST the first three months greatly decreases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is because with your baby in the same room, you’re much more aware of what’s going on with her. Not only this, but the rhythm of your body can provide cues to your baby that can help her regulate her own breathing and even her body temperature.

Better sleep—for both of you! Co-sleeping babies feel you nearby and are comforted by your presence. This helps your little one sleep better and let’s face it, if she sleeps better so do you! Your baby will be less likely to startle during the night, and when she does wake up you’ll be able to get to her faster. This reduces the amount of time she has to work herself up since you can calm her down sooner. Plus, once she learns that you will be there for her when she wakes up, she’s less likely to wake up scared and fussy.

Improved emotional health. Like we said above, once your little one learns that you are there with her, she won’t wake up crying, screaming and fussing. Instead, she’ll wake up happy to know that mommy and daddy are there to get her! This sense of comfort and closeness will ultimately mean good things for her emotional health. You’ll be less stressed (and she will sense that in you!) and you’ll both bond better with one another.

The benefits are long-term. Don’t think that keeping your little one close is spoiling her. Without even realizing it, you are giving your little one confidence by loving and supporting her. This will help her to be more independent as she grows up.

Especially in those first few months, there is no such thing as holding your little one too much or spending too much time with her. Setting her crib up in your bedroom will help you both and the benefits will impact her life for a long time to come. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime