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The Ollie Swaddle and Neurodevelopment

Swaddling provides many benefits for your little one. Some of these benefits may seem temporary – like providing comfort and calm – but these can lead to lifelong benefits as your little one is growing and learning.   First, let’s talk about what neurodevelopment is.  Neurodevelopment is the growth of the nervous system – a process that begins at conception and happens all the way through the final stages of life.  Brain development is especially important in the first few years of life because synapses in the brain are being formed that will create the wiring of the brain. While large portion of this development is up to genetics, the brain will fine-tune itself according to experiences and input from the...

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Brain Development—The Second Year

Photo: @freestylemama   Brain Development—The Second Year The first three years of life are a critical time for brain development, but sometimes we as parents can be at a loss as to how to help and challenge our little ones as they grow. Once your little one turns a year old, he is walking—or close to it. This opens up his world as he is able to get around on his own and test the boundaries of his life. Below we are sharing some ways that you can assist in your little one’s development during the second year (12-24 months). 12-18 Months On top of becoming more mobile, your little one is also learning how to communicate his wants and...

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Importance of a Tight Swaddle

  Importance of a Tight Swaddle Swaddling is not only a comfort to your little one, but it can also aid in safe sleeping—as long as proper swaddling techniques are used. One of the most important steps in using a swaddle blanket like The Ollie with your baby is ensuring that the swaddle is tight. First, let’s review the benefits of swaddling:      Improved sleep for baby and for parents      Decreases the startle reflex, in turn increasing REM sleep      Reduces colic and fussiness      Prevents over-stimulation and helps your little one feel comforted      Helps infants remain on their backs during sleep So, why is a tight swaddle so important? Safe Sleep Guidelines – If you’ve done any research on swaddling, you’ve probably...

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Safe Swaddling Techniques

  Safe Swaddling Techniques Even though there are how-to videos, FAQs and other swaddle-related blog topics on our site, I’d like to walk step-by-step through swaddling your little one with the Ollie. In each step we will highlight the techniques that ensure the Ollie swaddle is meeting safe sleep guidelines for your little one. First, spread the Ollie out and ensure it is smoothed. You’ll notice some indentations in the middle at the top that serve as a guide for where to lay your baby. These indentations also keep the fabric of the Ollie from bunching up around your little one’s neck and face. When you lay your baby on the swaddle, make sure she is positioned with the tops...

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Swaddling An Older Baby

Photo: @lfetters   Swaddling An Older Baby We have quite a few parents ask about swaddling their older babies. You may be wondering how long your little one will be able to enjoy his Ollie Swaddle. Or perhaps you’ve just discovered the Ollie, and you’re not sure if it’s too late to be of any use to your little one. There are many reasons that you may be able to swaddle an older baby. First, let’s define what we mean when we say “older” baby. Typically by the age of 6-7 months old, your little one is rolling over on his own, meaning that it is time to stop swaddling. However, as long as safe sleep guidelines are followed, swaddling...

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