Safe Water Play Ideas for Baby


With temperatures heating up across the country, water play is a great way to keep your baby cooled off and entertained. Not only is water play fun, but it’s a stimulating way for your baby to practice motor skills. Understandably, many parents are also concerned about water safety during these warmer months. We’ve compiled five safe water play ideas that you and your baby can partake in together.

1. Bucket, Scoops, and Spoons

This simple water play activity is perfect for babies to learn spatial awareness, as well as practice their pouring skills. Take a small bucket with various measuring cups and spoons that you already have around the home and let him splash and engage!

2. Water Table or Sprinkler  

If your baby is able to stand, consider a water table. Water tables often contain fun water features and accessories to engage your baby in play. Consider throwing in water safe toys for a fun sensory experience. She will be able to scoop, stand, toss, and more. If she’s not quite standing yet, or if she’s actively walking, a child-friendly sprinkler on a low setting is another great way for her to cool off.

3. Sensory Bags

Fill a gallon Ziplock bag with water, along with objects of various shapes and sizes. Tape the top and allow your baby to squash and explore the bag, touching all of the different objects within.

4. Scrubby Sponges

Babies love colorful sponges! Grab a few plastic tray lids, a small bucket, some sponges, and allow her to scrub the trays. Consider having a few water friendly toys that she can “give a bath to,” such as a car or doll. Sponges are such a fun sensory experience!

5. Kiddie Pool Toss

Grab a kiddie pool and fill it with a little water, then throw in balls of various sizes and colors. Gently toss and roll the balls to your baby and watch her squeal with delight as they splash near her. She will likely enjoy chasing them around the small pool.

The summer months provide a great opportunity for water play with your baby. You’ll both enjoy the engagement and bonding experience that comes with water play -- with the added bonus of beating the heat. As always, be sure to supervise your baby at all times around any water. We are also here to be of support to you in any way that we can. Please contact us anytime