Top Ten Baby Items You’ll Be Thankful You Have


Top Ten Baby Items You’ll Be Thankful You Have

As an expectant first time mom, it can be overwhelming (to say the least) to see all of the baby products that are on the market. There will be so many that you buy and never use, or find that they don’t particularly work for your little one or even that he has no interest in them.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top essential items (in no particular order) and how they will make your life easier.

  1.     First aid kit – You’ll hear this one from everyone. You may even receive 2-3 of them at your baby shower, but we want to expand on what we mean. Include basic medicines (Tylenol, gas drops, cold medicine) and tools all in ONE place so you know exactly where they are when you need them.
  2.     Stockpile of diapers – The first time you run out of diapers may also be your last. Don’t put yourself in that situation! Trust us, it always happens to be at the worst possible time—like the middle of the night—when you realize you’re out of diapers. Keep a stockpile of the size your little one is in now, but also bigger sizes so that when he has a growth spurt overnight you already have the next size on hand.
  3.     Easy-to-use travel system – This means a car seat and stroller combo. You may not think it’s necessary, but having a car seat that easily unlatches from the car and clicks into a stroller is amazing when you have a sleeping newborn that you don’t want to disrupt to move.
  4.     Great swaddle – The best way to ensure your little one restful sleep is to keep her snug and warm. The Ollie Swaddle is perfect for this! Not only will it keep her tight and warm throughout the night, but the patented moisture-wicking fabric will also ensure that she doesn’t overheat.
  5.     High chair – Now when you have a newborn, this might seem like a hasty purchase. But before you know it your little one will begin holding his head up and sitting up (supported) on his own. Having a high chair on hand early will mean that he can join you in the kitchen and watch you prepare meals for the family. He will be safely secured nearby where you can keep an eye on him, but he can also see what’s going on in a new place—the kitchen!
  6.     Humidifier or vaporizer – If your little one catches a cold or gets congested, a humidifier or vaporizer is a great way to safely break up the congestion quickly.
  7.     Extra bibs and burp cloths – Drool and spit up will be very regular with a new baby, and keeping extra bibs or burp cloths nearby will help tremendously. That way, once one (or ten) are used and soiled, you can simply reach for another one without rushing to do laundry. You may find that you are partial to one or the other, so at first just buy a handful of each so you don’t get stuck with something you’re not crazy about.
  8.     Microwavable sanitizer – If you bottle feed your little one and/or use a breast pump, a microwaveable sanitizer will be a time saver. Instead of boiling water or running the dishwasher every time you need to sanitize bottles, just pop it in the microwave and your stash will be clean in a few minutes.
  9.     Tricked out play mat – Tummy time is very important for your baby’s development, and a fun play mat will make tummy time more enjoyable. Bright colors, toys, music and sounds will keep his attention and help him learn to like tummy time because at first it will be a battle. The more distractions, the better.
  10. Baby carrier – There will be days that it seems like your little one just doesn’t want to be put down. A wrap or baby carrier will make it easy to keep your little one close and comforted while you do chores, shop or complete other activities.

These are just a handful of the items that made our lives easier. Do you have an item or two that changed your life as a mom? We would love to have you share! As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime