Keeping Baby Warm and Safe in the Car


Photo: @lynseybeatonx


Keeping Baby Warm and Safe in the Car

As winter arrives and the weather is cooling down, you’re probably out shopping for winter essentials for your family. If you have a baby, or are an expectant mother, you might be at a loss for how to keep your little one safe and warm on-the-go. It may seem like a good idea to buy the thickest, puffiest jacket you can find, but that’s not the safest choice for your little one. Instead, use our tips below to keep your little one safe in the car and more specifically, in her car seat.

Use light layers. Layering is a great way to help your little one maintain the warmth that her body produces. But instead of using thick, bulky layers, try using lighter ones instead. Put another shirt on under her sweater, and leggings on under her pants. Use two pairs of socks and pack mittens and a hat.

Never buckle her in with her jacket on. You never want to buckle your little one into her car seat with a bulky jacket on. The straps of her car seat will have to be loosened to fasten around the jacket, but still won’t be as snug as necessary to keep her safe. Plus, you or the next person to buckle her in without the jacket could forget to tighten it back, leaving her at a greater risk of getting hurt if you get in a wreck.

Use blankets or car seat covers. After you buckle her in, tucking a blanket around her is a great alternative to a puffy jacket. Tuck the blanket under and around her legs and torso, being careful to make sure it doesn’t cover her face. Another great alternative is a car seat cover. Buying a waterproof cover will also double as protection from rain and snow to keep your little one dry.

Turn the car on first. Before loading your little one in the car, start the ignition and turn on the heater. This way, by the time you get back out with your little one, the car has started warming up. And honestly, this is a bonus for you, mom! We know you’re cold, too.

Use lotion and chapstick. Sometimes, preventative measures are the best way to help your little one stay warm. Cold weather can dry out your little one’s skin very quickly. Lotion will help keep her skin hydrated, healthy and protected from the cold weather. You can use chapstick on her lips, nose and cheeks to protect her exposed skin from the elements.

Next time you’re preparing your little one for a cold winter's day, keep these tips in mind. Remember, keeping warm in the car seat isn’t just about your little one’s comfort, it’s also about her safety—and safety comes first. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime