It was National Rainbow Baby Day and I just couldn't talk about it...


i did something really selfish yesterday.

i know it was #nationalrainbowbabyday and Olive is my rainbow baby to celebrate. but, although it’s a celebration of our babies, it’s still hard to not reflect on the pain, loss, and grief of how those miracle rainbow babies came to be.

i just didn’t have it in me to talk about. and here’s why that was selfish...

while that’s ok for me to choose, we have worked so hard to build a community and platform for YOU to be able to share what you need to too. and i didn’t provide that space for you on our social platforms.

i needed to not talk about my story, but i still needed to give our followers their space to talk about what they needed to talk about on such an important day.

this is the safe space we have worked so hard to create. if you need the space to talk about your story, visit our Instagram page here:

and share.  we want to hear from you and we want you to know that we support you and we hear you and just because i couldn't share about my story does not mean that i am not here to hear yours. thank you for opening up and thank you for allowing me to have my space today too.

xo, hindi