FAQs with Hindi


Hi, Ollie Family. I wanted to take some time and go through some of our most frequently asked questions with you. 

1. When Can I Start Using My Ollie?

You can actually start using your Ollie from day one, after your skin-to-skin time with your newborn. This can help to ease the transition from your little one from the womb to the outside world, by assisting in replicating the environment they were most used to... the womb. We have many parents who pack their Ollie in their hospital bag, so they can start implementing their Ollie right away and having it become part of their routine for their little one. 


2. When Should I Transition to One or Both Arms Out or Stop Swaddling?

We like to approach this question from a developmental perspective, as each little one is unique and hits milestones at their own pace. So, when your little one reaches the developmental milestone of being able to roll from back to stomach, you will either stop swaddling completely or use your Ollie as transition with one or both arms out. 


3. What Does One-Size Really Mean?

Unlike other products that have various sizes you need to purchase, your Ollie is one-size and designed to grow with your amazing little one. We have little ones in the 4 lb range in the NICU who use their Ollie (please see the pic below of an amazing 4 lbs preemie), all the way up to 8 months old, as a transition swaddle with both arms out. 


4. What Should My Little One Wear Under Their Ollie?

We always talk about the uniqueness of each little one and honoring those differences. It can be the same with how they respond to temperature, since they are unable yet to regulate their body temperature. Here are a few helpful tips to get started on decided what your little one should wear: 1. Always start by conferring with your pediatrician, since they know you best. They will be able to provide an in-person consultation and be able to provide an ideal room temperature range for where your little one will be sleeping. 2. Your Ollie has a TOG rating of 0.8. This is on the "lighter" side, when it comes to fabrics, so it can be used in a variety of room temperatures. Please see our blog post that goes into more details about TOG ratings. 3. Just like people respond differently to temperature (ex. one person can be comfortable in 70° in a short sleeve, while another person might need long sleeve, and another might need a jacket), it is the same with little ones. What works for one baby, might not work for another baby, so be patient as you get to know your little one and see what works best for them. It might take trying a couple options, but you will get it... we believe in you and support you! 

5. How Do I Wash My Ollie?

Your Ollie comes with its own delicates bag to make laundry even easier.  So, when it is time to wash, please place the “swaddled” Ollie (with all three hook and loop velcro pieces fully connected to each other) in the delicates bag and wash on a delicates cycle in cold water with a baby safe detergent.  For drying, tumble dry on a low-temperature or no heat delicates setting or you can choose to air dry. This information is always available on the care label attached to your Ollie, on the lower left hand corner. 

As always, I thank you for your time. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at care@theollieworld.com anytime. 

Thank you, 

Hindi Zeidman