A Father’s Important Role


A Father’s Important Role

Since women carry babies for nine months, give birth and are credited for a large portion of the early parenting role, a mother’s role is in the spotlight much more than a father’s. As moms, it is important for us to recognize how vital dads are in our kids’ lives. So, let’s take a moment to put the spotlight on dads.

Fathers provide balance. While both parents can essentially “do” all of the same things, moms and dads naturally balance one another out—and we’re not just talking about traditional gender roles. We are naturally attracted to people who balance us out in life, and this applies to parenthood too. It may be that one parent is more disciplined while another is more easy-going. Moms and dads enhance one another’s strengths and balance out weaknesses.

Fathers impact emotional intelligence. Studies show that little ones learn more about emotions from their father than their mother. A father who is emotionally invested, affectionate and supportive contributes greatly to your little one’s ability to understand emotions later in life.

Children learn about friendships and relationships from dad. Children learn from interactions with their dads. For girls, they will look for qualities possessed by their father in boys and men as they grow up. Boys on the other hand, will “act” like their father. A father who is loving, kind, supportive, and protective will instill those values in his son.

Let’s face it, dads are FUN! That’s not to say moms aren’t fun, but dads are a special, silly kind of fun. They instigate pillow fights, wrestling matches and the best giggle fits. There is no better way to bond than to laugh and be silly together—and that’s something special that dads do for their families.

So, how can you help dad? Make sure he takes on an important role in those early days as a parent. Sometimes as moms we can try to do it all ourselves instead of letting others help us. Even if your partner doesn’t do something exactly how you want or how you would do it, let him help!

Celebrate dad – recognize his effort. We all love to be praised, and dad is no different! Be sure to praise him as a father AND as a husband—these two roles go hand-in-hand, and it’s important for him to know he’s doing good at both. Do something special for him in return, even if it’s small like cooking his favorite dinner.

And dads, if you’re reading this, please know how much we love and appreciate you. We couldn’t do it all without you! As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime Care@theollieworld.com.