When To Stop Swaddling


One of the top questions we get asked is when is it time to stop swaddling your little one. Since each baby is different, there is no exact age that is right to end swaddling. Instead, there are some cues you can look for that will indicate that your little one is ready to sleep swaddle-free.

While the advice we are providing below is a great place to start, you should also read the safe sleep guidelines for infants and consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

What to Look For

Is your little one suddenly fussy at night?

The Ollie Swaddle is designed to help your little one with the adjustment from the womb. Since swaddling mimics the warmth and security of the womb, newborns often sleep better than if they were unswaddled.

However, if you’re usually well-slept little one is suddenly fussy and irritable at night, it might be time to stop swaddling. As your little one adjusts to being earthside, she will learn to enjoy moving her arms and legs around. Eventually this desire to wiggle and have freedom will outweigh her desire to be swaddled.

Is your little one rolling over?

This is the number one sign that it is time to stop swaddling—especially if your little one is swaddled with arms in. Swaddling is no longer safe once your little one can roll over on her own. It is possible that she could roll over onto her stomach and not be able to roll back onto her back—posing a safety risk.

Does your little one escape the Ollie Swaddle?

If your baby is constantly wriggling free of her swaddle, it may be time to let her sleep on her own without it. According to safe sleep guidelines for infants, there shouldn’t be loose blankets or toys in your little one’s crib. If she is wriggling free from the swaddling, it could pose a safety risk for her.

Check to make sure you are properly securing it when you lay her down, and if she continues to break free, begin the transition to sleeping swaddle-free. 

Tips for Swaddle-free Sleep

If you know that it’s time to unswaddle your little one, but she is resistant to going from swaddled to unswaddled overnight, we have some suggestions. First, try swaddling your little one with one arm out. Then with both arms out and finally without the swaddle at all.

It’s important that while you are still swaddling—even with arms out—that you ensure the swaddling is wrapped tightly around your little one with the band at the bottom secured.

You can click here to watch a video on how to use the Ollie Swaddle. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime with questions at Care@theollieworld.com. Remember to consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns.