Wall Decor for Baby's Nursery: A Fun, Easy DIY


I love making DIY projects. There have been many days where I have felt like being creative, but just had no energy to create something myself. That’s when I go to Pinterest and search for something that would look good in my house AND would be easy enough to do in less than 30 minutes! I can’t be the only one who does this, right? Here is the cutest and easiest wall decor for your new little one's nursery! This can also double as a picture prop for your monthly growth pictures.

Here’s what you’ll need!

  • An embroidery hoop – I used a 12” hoop, but you can use any size.
  • Fabric of your choice – I went to the clearance section of Hobby Lobby and found this fabric for about $3
  • Hot glue gun
  • Velcro strip
  • Letters4Luv print (note: 
  • Silk flowers and greenery
  • Ribbon

Now, onto the DIY!

  1. Lay the fabric in between the two layers of embroidery hoop. There should be a screw on the top of the hoop that loosens and separates the layers.
  2. Cut the excess fabric around the hoop.  Keep about a half inch of fabric around the loop.

3. Take the half inch of fabric that is left, and hot glue it to the inside of the hoop.  Remember that the back doesn’t have to be perfect- the only person who will see that side is you.

When it’s done, the back should look somewhat like this..

4. The hardest part is finished (phew!).

Now, download the free print at the end of this blog

OR use the code OLLIE at checkout to get 15% off of your own set of monthly growth cards, name print, or quote!

5. To make this wall decor able to hold a fun print, velcro goes on both the wall hoop and the print! So, cut a small strip of velcro and stick it on both the wall hoop and the print.  

6. OPTIONAL STEP- I chose to do this because I am a big fan of flowers.  If you’re doing a gender neutral or non floral nursery, go ahead and skip this part.  I bought some silk flowers that were on sale at Hobby Lobby, cut them and hot glued them on top of the hoop to cover up the screw. You can also dress it up with some ribbon or other silk greenery.

Links to Supplies:

  1. Floral Growth Cards
  2. Blue Growth Cards
  3. Embroidery Hoop at Hobby Lobby
  4. Embroidery Hoop on Amazon
  5. Hot Glue Gun on Amazon

Here is a free printable to get you started, too!

What do you think of this DIY? Will you be creating it for your amazing little one's nursery?


About the Author:

Hi, I'm Allie. The girl with the messy curls and the nerdy glasses, that's me! I am the founder and creator of Letters 4 Luv. Letters 4 Luv is my small business where I sell hand-made home (and nursery) decor, family portraits, and custom pieces. I started Letters 4 Luv almost 2 years ago, but my story begins almost 5 years ago. About 5 years ago, I read a book- Kisses From Katie. It's all about a young girl named Katie Davis who gives up her "normal" American life and moves to Uganda. She started a ministry called Amazima and became a mom to 15 young Ugandan girls. Her story wrecked my heart.  It brought me to a place where I began to understand poverty. I started thinking and praying about a trip to Uganda, and finally went in 2016. While I was there, I saw children who couldn't remember the last time they had eaten. Girls who were scared to get kicked out of school for fear that they would have to become prostitutes. It was a hard reality. When I came home, I knew that there was more I could be doing. So, Letters 4 Luv was born at my dining room table. With half of the proceeds made from my art, I am able to sponsor two children in the villages I visited. Their names are Niko and Gertrude. When you buy from Letters4Luv, you are making an impact that travels to the other side of the world! Be sure to follow my adventures on Instagram, too!