Unique Twists to Your Holiday Traditions


Photo: @kellie.pardoe


Unique Twists to Your Holiday Tradition

And did I mention the food? The food is definitely at the top of my list during the holidays. Turkey, ham, stuffing/dressing, potatoes, and other favorites are usually staples for holiday dinners around the country. You probably have boxes of lights and decorations that you pull out each and every year, too. Now, you wouldn’t think that once-a-year traditions can get stale—but it happens! If you’re in a rut this holiday season, we’ve got you covered with some of these unique twists to your holiday tradition.

  1. Pick a theme.  You may be thinking . . . isn’t the holiday the theme? But try picking a theme for food and decorations. Maybe it’s Mexican or Hawaiian; maybe you choose a theme from a family-favorite book or movie. Whatever you choose, have fun and go all out!
  2. Keep the tree up longer. If you put up a tree for the holidays, try putting it up sooner and leaving it up longer. You can decorate it for Halloween, Thanksgiving and even the New Year.
  3. Have a holiday tablecloth. One of the most fun holiday traditions I have heard of is the idea of a holiday tablecloth. Purchase a white or neutral colored tablecloth and have friends and family sign it each year. It will be fun to look back at who visited for the holidays and how much history is shared on the tablecloth.
  4. Go out to eat. If time has gotten away from you and a local restaurant is open—go out to eat instead of cooking! And here’s a great twist: if you do go out to eat, take time to pay it forward to your server who is working on or during the holidays. Leave a good tip as a thank you and make someone else’s holiday a little brighter.
  5. Or do a potluck. If you or someone else in your family usually does all of the cooking, try doing a potluck instead. Each person can bring an item to share. You can go back to the first idea in this list of picking a theme, or just assign each person with something specific to bring. This takes the load off of any one person cooking for everyone.
  6. Play games. You probably spend time with friends and family, but why not add in a little extra fun? Break out your old board games or make up a game as you go along. Get everyone involved somehow—kid, parents, and grandparents. If you’re like a lot of families, holidays are one of the few times that everyone is together, so make the most of it!
  7. Volunteer. The holidays are tough for a lot of families. If you have a local nonprofit that serves the homeless and needy during the holidays, take time to volunteer! Ask if your kids can tag along and make a family day of it. This will teach your kids that giving back is important for those in need.

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. I am thankful everyday for the blessings I have in this life, but this season is one for really taking the time to pause and appreciate our family, friends and health—especially as we look ahead to a new year. So this season, mix it up a little! Do some things a little differently and take time to give back. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime Care@theollieworld.com.