the why behind the alphie part ll... the safety edition


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The Alphie Sleep Pouch is Launching 1/18 at 9am PST

the WHY behind the Alphie part ll. ⁠

last time, i talked about cues. now, let's talk about safety, as it has been and will always be a priority for me. ⁠

do you know the 3 main reasons sleep sacks get recalled?⁠
1. the neck opening is too large and fabric can cover an airway. ⁠
2. small pieces fall or break off ⁠and can be a choking hazard.⁠
3. items don't meet flammability requirements.⁠

i wanted to make sure i addressed all of these in my design. ⁠
let me break it down:⁠

1. i have never liked a lot of fabric around little one's necks or faces. it is one of the reasons why the ollie starts BELOW the shoulders. it is also a key component of the alphie.⁠

the alphie was designed to have a snug fit around the torso to extend and continue the sleep cue from the ollie and... to reduce the opportunity for any fabric to ride up near your little one's neck or face. ⁠

there is also an intentional "v" shape around the neck, to continue to promote no fabric near the face. ⁠

2. ⁠i used a top of line continuous zipper chain to reduce any small pieces from breaking off. ⁠

3. ⁠our custom material is inherently inflammable, so there is no need to add any type of topical fire retardant. this is important because some fibers, like cotton, are flammable and would require a treatment in order to pass safety standards. also, anything topical will eventually be diluted over time with consistent washing. ⁠

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