The Alphie Sleep Pouch is Launching 1/18!!


alphie sleep pouch sleep sack packaging

it is about every detail (down the packaging) for me. ⁠

i have spent years designing The Alphie™ (launching 1/18/23!!). i wanted the product to be purposeful and i wanted the packaging to be part of the experience too. ⁠

the alphie is the next stage after the ollie, so i wanted the characters to reflect that change and growth too. ⁠i set out to make the characters that appear on The Ollie® keepsake box age just a little. ⁠

the characters are growing... just like your little one. ⁠

the alphie comes in its own special keepsake box and, yes, it includes a delicates laundry bag too. ⁠

just wait til you see the inside of the box!!!!⁠