Stay Dry with our NEW Moisture Wicking Burp Clothes


the Ollie fabric Magic...⁠

it all started with just an idea to create a fabric that would help reduce the risk of my foster-son, Oliver, overheating, as he did in so many of the fabrics he was wrapped in. ⁠

never did i think i could get to be here... using this fabric to continue to create.⁠

a year ago i decided to try my fabric out with bibs. and because of the amazing overwhelming response, i was driven to create more with the ollie magic fabric. ⁠

there was no doubt that it was going to be a burp cloth.⁠

although it is a simple design, the most important aspect is that it works and does what it’s supposed to do... absorb. ⁠

CLICK HERE to watch the magic of the Ollie World Fabric

oh and i made it ergonomic too :)⁠

i hope this brings ease into your days (and nights). ⁠

burp cloths are available in sky, lavender, maunie, and two new colors. ⁠