WE did it!!⁠

over 500 hours of pumping and over 10,000 ounces pumped. ⁠

and i hope you see alllll of the emotion from the past year on my face. ⁠

i have pumped in front of every single person i know, i have pumped in front of you guys (in stories) more times than i can count, i have pumped in the kitchen, living room, in bed, in the closet, on the toilet, at work, during in-person meetings, in the car, on a balcony, while getting my hair cut, at the beach, in the backyard, while cooking, while trying to soothe a crying baby, half asleep, with an infection on my nipple, and the list goes on. ⁠

i have a lot of emotions about this milestone. although i am so proud of reaching my goal, i also can look back and see that there was a bit of me that i sacrificed to reach the goal. ⁠(i’m going to elaborate on this part in stories tonight). ⠀

to celebrate my one year exclusive pumping milestone, i wanted to pass on all of the things that helped me get here to another pumping mom.  i teamed up with all of the brands that played an important role to give someone that extra much needed support!⁠⠀everyone's journey with pumping or breastfeeding is unique, but the brands that helped me were such a huge part of my journey. special thanks to Spectra Baby USA and their S1 pump, Kindred Bravely's amazing couple pump / nursing bras, Dr. Brown's baby bottles, Dapple Baby Bottle Wash & Papblic's sterilizer.  you have all been AMAZING for our journey. 

to everyone that has supported, encouraged, and motivated me along the way, i thank you... WE did it!!⁠