"My little one's arms keep escaping! When should I stop using the Ollie? Can I use it with the arms out?"


Have you ever asked one of these questions as you started swaddling with the Ollie? Today, we're giving you allll the tips + tricks on how to use your Ollie for your newborn or your 15-month-old! ⁠⠀

1. ❤️ Away from the face⠀
It’s important that the Ollie always be below the shoulders and 2-3 inches away from your little one's chin. This is for development, and also, safety purposes. It also helps to make sure you can get a snug fit around the torso, to help mimic and ease the transition from the womb.⁠⠀

2. 🧡 A nice snug fit⠀
The very first hook and loop velcro connection is the most important one because it sets the tone for the rest of the swaddle. This is where you want to create that really nice snug fit. After you put on the swaddle, you might need to go back to the first velcro and re-attach and pull just a bit more tightly, to help ensure the snugness. I know it can be scary and intimidating, but the snugness actually helps to mimic the womb and is soothing for your little one.⁠⠀

3. 💛 A secure closure⠀
If your little one wiggles or kicks a lot, it might be helpful to wrap the elastic around the fabric twice, rather than just once, as this can add another extra layer of security.⁠⠀

4. 💚 Various arm positions⠀
The Ollie is designed to create a custom fit to meet the needs and size of each little one. So, if your little one prefers to have their arm or arms out, the Ollie can absolutely accommodate. ⁠⠀

5. 💙 Just like a sleep sack⠀
We approach the use of the Ollie more from a developmental perspective, rather than age or weight. Because the Ollie is one size and designed to grow with your little one, it's important to understand your baby's current developmental stage. If your little one is rolling from back to stomach, it is important to either stop swaddling or use your Ollie with one or both arms out, just like a sleep sack.⁠⠀

And remember, we are ALWAYS here to help support you in any way that we can!! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions on how to best use your Ollie! 🤗💖