Medical & High-Risk Uses of the Ollie Swaddle



Medical & High-Risk Uses of the Ollie Swaddle

This is a topic very near to my heart, because the Ollie Swaddle was developed directly to help a high-risk little one and why it exists today! When I began to foster baby Oliver, he was inconsolable. Since he’d been exposed to drug usage, Oliver was difficult to soothe. Since he wasn’t sleeping, every other aspect of his life was affected.

His awake time was spent agitated, and I was struggling to bond with him. He wasn’t able to focus on anything for very long because of his restless, agitated state. I knew that swaddling was a fantastic way to help soothe babies so they can sleep and tried every swaddle I could get my hands on, but nothing was working.

Because of his exposure to drugs, his muscle tone was much different than other babies’. He was breaking out of swaddles very easily. He either kicked them off or was able to wiggle until his arms were free. Instead of finding comfort, he was only more frustrated—and so was I.

I finally resorted to crafting a swaddle of my own. Some glue, sewing, and crafting late into the night resulted in a rough version of the Ollie, named after my inspiration, baby Oliver. Having a swaddle that actually worked for us changed everything, and I mean everything!

Not only was Oliver sleeping for longer periods, but once he “mastered” sleeping, his whole world was brighter. Because he was more rested, he was able to focus when he was awake. He also began eating better. I was able to maintain his attention, bond with him and comfort him.

I knew that this swaddle could help other babies, too. I knew that I wasn’t the only parent struggling to comfort and bond with my baby. So, while the Ollie Swaddle is wonderful for any baby to use, it is especially useful for medical and high-risk swaddling.

If my story with Oliver sounds familiar, please know that it can get better—and it does! If your little one gets worked up, he won’t overheat with our moisture wicking fabric. In fact, the fabric of the Ollie is specifically designed to ensure that even the toughest little critic won’t be able to break free when the swaddle is properly secured.

The stretch ensures that movement is not constricted so much that development is stunted. One concern with swaddling is that a tight swaddle around the hips could negatively affect development and even induce hip dysplasia. Rest assured, the Ollie doesn’t make sacrifices when it comes to your precious little one. It meets the standards of safe sleep guidelines when used properly.

Remember, swaddling is a tool to help you and your baby, but it’s not your only tool. Swaddling helped baby Oliver to sleep and relax so that we could maximize his awake time instead of spending it stressed out and restless. Tummy time, movement and skin-to-skin contact are equally important for your little one’s development. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime