let's talk about Alphie sizing...


alphie sleep pouch sleep sack sleepsack safe sleep baby infant swaddle Stone Alphies are going live Wednesday 1/18 at 9am PST. ⁠⁠

so, let's talk about sizing and how to find the best fit for your amazing little one. ⁠

something that is a pillar for the ollie world is that we honor the uniqueness of each little one. it is why the ollie is customizable to fit the needs and size of YOUR little one. the same goes with the alphie. ⁠

i broke the sizing into weight and height categories, but, as you can see, there is some crossover in the sizes. that allows YOU to determine what is best for your amazing little based on their needs. ⁠

here are the sizes:⁠
(the names come from the animals on the box)⁠

🦉 Owl - 14-25 lbs; 25-30 inches⁠

🦊 Fox - 22-32 lbs; 28-38 inches⁠

🦝 Raccoon - 26-38 lbs; 34-42 inches⁠

wait, hindi. my little one fits into two sizes. which one do i pick?⁠

i love this. let's talk about it...⁠
say your little one could fit into either an Owl or a Fox. the Owl is going to have just a slightly more snug fit than Fox. so, if you are just transitioning out of the ollie or if your little one prefers more of a snug fit around the torso, i would recommend Owl. because the alphies on the longer side, you will be able to use each size for quite a long time.

here is another example:

Oliver is 15 months and is 21 lbs and 28". he would actually fit in both Owl 🦉 and Fox 🦊 and could use both for a good amount of time. as i mentioned, the only difference will be that Owl will have a bit more of a snug fit around the torso than Fox. Oliver's mom said he prefers to have the snug fit, so she uses the Owl with him.

now you would think because he is 28" and the Owl is 30" that it would be better to get the Fox since he will be able to use it longer. but that is not true. Oliver is 28" from head to toe; the alphie will only be on from shoulders to toes. so, Oliver will be able to use the Owl for a long time before he would transition to the next size.

tiny reminder:
Stone Alphies launch 1/18 at 9am PST. all three sizes will be $85 and are available to ship worldwide.

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