Easy, Comfortable DIY Halloween Costumes for Baby


Halloween is often filled with family, friends, and fun. Whether you're trick or treating with kids or attending a Halloween party, dressing up in costumes is a central part of the holiday. Often, though, costumes can be expensive or uncomfortable, often made with fabrics that are itchy and less breathable for baby. If you're looking to stay festive without compromising your baby's comfort, here are some of our favorite DIY tips:
1. Start with the basics. If you are opting for a DIY Halloween Costume for baby that's creative, versatile, and comfortable, consider starting with Primary Clothing. With soft fabrics that are free of logos or sequins, these pieces can be reused in baby's wardrobe throughout the year. Brown pajamas can be turned into a monkey costume, and yellow dresses can make a comfortable but elegant Princess Belle. Many of the costumes listed on Primary's site also come with a how-to guide to make it even simpler. 
2. Design around a baby carrier. Do you love babywearing? Instead of creating a costume for your baby, consider a DIY that incorporates the carrier as the costume. For example, one mom wore a red cape for Little Red Riding Hood and decorated her Tula with a wolf overlay. Another mom decorated her Lillebaby with a witch costume. Designing around your baby carrier is not only fun and creative, but it also allows baby to remain comfortable. We love these inspirational ideas from PopSugar Moms
3. Use your stroller as the focal point. If you are opting to stroll baby around instead of wearing her, consider dressing up your stroller. From a school bus to a poker table and everything in between, using the stroller, just like the baby carrier, allows you to create an inspirational DIY costume without compromising baby's comfort. Just be sure that baby is supervised at all times. 
If you're looking for some specific inspiration, here are some ideas that we love. 
Piglet Baby Costume using Primary Pajamas 
Baby Superheroes with Primary & How-To Guide
Mermaid Carrier DIY taken from PopSugar Moms 
Circus Wagon from Style Me Pretty
Are you opting for a DIY Halloween costume for baby this year? We hope these inspirational ideas will help! As always, we are here for you. Please feel free to reach out to us at care@theollieworld.com.