i've never shared this part of my life before.


part 4 of 4
(deep breath) here i go...
i have NEVER shared this part of my story. never. ⁠

this is such a vulnerable part of my story to share and i never knew if i could express in words how sacred this is for me...⁠

two months after Oliver was placed with me, my dad passed away.

my dad had bile duct cancer and we were getting ready to start treatment. this was actually his 3rd battle with cancer (hodgkin’s and colon prior). ⁠

we already knew his incredible strength and you could see the fight and heart in his eyes. and, we were ready to fight with my dad every single step of the way. ⁠ ⁠

when i started the process to become a foster parent, my dad wasn’t sick. when Oliver was placed with me, i was fully prepared to take care of him, while simultaneously being there for my dad and family. ⁠

we were preparing for the cancer war;
we didn't prepare for what happened next.

my dad was not feeling well so my mom took him to the er. his fever spiked so quickly and so high that he lost consciousness. 
he never woke up again. ⁠

⁠in a split second my heart shattered.⁠

everyone thinks i saved Oliver. he truth is... HE saved me. ⁠

when my life lost meaning, he was there to bring purpose back to my life. ⁠

it wasn't just me. it was my mom too. ⁠

Oliver's impact was immeasurable, vast, and infinite. ⁠

i will never be able to convey the insurmountable grief and pain my mom experienced (and still experiences) losing her soulmate. ⁠

in the pic my mom is feeding Oliver. it may seem like a simple photo, but i see... ⁠
at a time when there was nothing to smile about, Oliver made my mom smile. ⁠ 
Oliver saved us.