Introducing Maunie (mah-knee)!! NEW color from The Ollie World


Mom with baby wrapped in a pink ollie world swaddle

this was the one color i knew i had to do because of you. this was the number one most requested color for Ollie swaddles and The Alphie Sleep Pouch and one thing i know... my life is always better when i listen to you. 

(i mean that on many levels).


i set out to create a "pink" that reveled more in the blush world. i pictured you holding your amazing little one wrapped in this gentle hue and taking in a deep breath of peacefulness. where even in the hardest of times, this moment with you and your little one, everything just falls into place and makes sense. 


these are actually the things i think of when i create. it's not just a color, it's a vision or a feeling... it has to have a purpose.

pink swaddle pink sleep sack  The Ollie world Alphie Sleep Pouch


meaning behind the name:

i am here because i have a team of people who are all heart and believe in what i do, this, of course, includes you.


i think everyone knows i had a challenging year for a variety of reasons. there was a team of people who gave it all plus more. without them, my life would look very differently right now. 


if how to make my fabric was a 50 page book (which it is), i know it by heart, but Manimaran knows it by heart and backwards too. 


the name Maunie is to honor and show my appreciation for Manimaran, Anantveer, Nandhini, Logesh, and Hillary. this is for you too. 


i hope everyone loves this first new color. 

thank you always