Donation Foster Children's Masks are here!! ⁠⠀


if you follow us on Instagram Stories, you know we are working with a cut/sew in Utah and our first shipment was delivered to the wrong address. i have been trying to get these masks back for over 2 weeks and they are finally here!)⁠⠀

the ollie world started because of the foster world, so it’s so important to always (always) give back and be supportive of the foster community. ⁠⠀
the ollie was created for my foster son, so it’s important that we remain connected to the foundation of how we came to be. and that’s why, from the beginning, we have donated ollies to foster infants. ⠀
with covid-19, we were seeing so many foster children unable to be placed because people were unwilling to open their homes. so, one of the things we wanted to do was equip these amazing kids with masks, so they felt safe and also hoping that would help people feel more comfortable in welcoming them into their homes. ⁠⠀
the masks are made out of ollie material and not only does that show the breath-ability of our fabric, but it helps keep us full circle and giving back to the foster community. ⁠⠀

we will be posting more on our involvement with the masks, but please be sure to check out our Instagram channel and stories to see more information about the masks, what the two options look like, and where they are going.