DIY Halloween Costumes


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DIY Halloween Costumes

Most of what we share on the Ollie Blog is serious in nature—meant to help you feel more secure and supported in parenthood. But, with Halloween around the corner we wanted to share some DIY Halloween costumes that are not only adorable, but also easy (and cheap!) to make for your little ones. We found inspiration on Pinterest, so check out our Halloween Pinterest Board here to see the costumes.

Costumes for Infants:

Grandma – First, make a wig out of cotton balls. Add in some oversized costume glasses with a chain, a long sleeved button-down sweater and a floral dress and you have a mini grandma!

Scuba Diver – First, get a couple of 2-liter soda bottles and paint them the color of your choice for an air tank—black, silver and blue all turn out nicely. Then secure a rope between the 2-liter bottles and a pacifier. Place goggles on our little one’s head, dress him in all black and add flipper-shaped cutouts to favorite shoes.

Finding Nemo Aquarium: Secure 4 round posts in the corners of a wagon and wrap with saran wrap. Paint the inside of the wagon blue or use a blue blanket for water. Cut out fish and other designs and stick them inside the wagon and on the saran wrap. An orange shirt and a Nemo hat will put the finishing touches on this cute costume.

Costumes for Toddlers:

Octopus – Purchase four pairs of tights—matching or not! Place one pair on your little one and stuff the other three pair, securing them around her waist to make the eight legs of an Octopus. This makes for lots of fun twirling and the tights can always be reused later on!

Rainbow Horse/Unicorn (My Little Pony inspired!) – Purchase a long sleeved shirt and pants that are the same color. Make a rainbow tutu out of tulle from a craft store by tying it around an elastic band—make it as long or short as your want! Use rainbow yarn to make a mane and braid a tail. The mane can be hot glued or sewn on a hood or hat and the tail can be tied around the elastic band of the tutu.

Marshall from Paw Patrol – Dress your little one in a long sleeved white hoodie and white pants. Use paint or a sharpie to turn the shirt and pants into a Dalmatian pattern. Secure long puppy-dog ears to the hood and add a fireman hat. A red vest with yellow accents will be the finishing touch. For a super easy vest, purchase a red t-shirt, cut off the sleeves and paint the neck of the shirt yellow.

Costumes for Elementary Age:

Cookie Monster – Find a bright blue shirt and matching leggings. Create a matching tutu out of blue tulle. You’ll also need brown paper to cut out cookies, and a sharpie to draw on chocolate chips. Pin the cookie cutouts into the tulle skirt and all over the outfit as you wish! For a boy, skip the tulle and secure big eyes to the hoodie of a bright blue shirt.

Star Wars Rey: Have your little one wear a white top and cargo shorts/pants. Drape tan fabric crisscrossed in front and back and secure with a brown belt. Add boots and cutout tights for gloves/arm covers. A dark broom handle works great for her weapon. Secure your little one’s hair back in a series of loops to finish the look.

Star Wars BB-8: Find a large cardboard box and cut out two large round circles. Paint them both white, and do your best to copy the orange and grey designs on BB-8. Add shoulder straps so one circle is in front and one is in back. A matching BB-8 hat is the finishing touch.

We had so much fun finding inspiration for Halloween 2016, and there were so many more cute costumes. Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear. Don’t forget to check these out on our Pinterest page, and share yours with us as well on Instagram with #OllieWorldDIY! Happy crafting!