did you know it took me FIVE years to start The Ollie World?


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did you know it took me FIVE years before i was ready to share the ollie with your little ones?⁠
at the time, i was working full-time as a clinical social worker. so, every minute i wasn't working was spent delving into research and development. ⁠
had to make the ollie into something that i wholeheartedly stood behind. and, it had to put our little one's needs and safety above all else. ⁠
plus, i knew nothing about starting a business. so, there's that part too. 
in a flash, every single thing they know changes drastically.
now, there were lights, sounds, temperature changes, clothes, diapers, feedings, faces, touch. 
seriously, that is such a tremendous amount of change at once.  let me explain this better...
the purpose of the The Ollie is to help bring your little one back to the safety, comfort, and consistency of the womb. 
 to remind them of the gentle pressure they felt from the fluid that surrounded them and to bring them to that consistent environment that they knew so well. 
now, in order to ease the transition from the womb to the outside world, our little ones would need to be properly contained in order to meet their needs.
for Oliver, we were very limited when it came to options for swaddles.  they were constrictive, they weren’t breathable, they didn’t provide the right pressure on his torso and limbs, and it never adjusted enough. 
it was like the swaddles were telling Oliver what he needed. when it should be the opposite. 
it felt backwards.
so, in my head, the next thing on my list to make the swaddle that Oliver needed was a individualized fit and for it to be one size.
thank you for taking the time to read this and just for being here.