Baby Yoga for Tummy Pains





Baby Yoga for Tummy Pains

When you become a mother for the first time, it’s very scary. But somehow, your instincts kick in and you find yourself successfully caring for this tiny person. Each day gets easier as you learn his little quirks and personality. However, if you’re like many parents whose little ones deal with gas pains, constipation and even colic, sometimes it can be so overwhelming to try and find the “right” thing to do to help your little one.

When he cries . . . is he hungry? Sleepy? Does he need a diaper change? If his crying is persistent and it seems like he’s in pain, his tummy may be hurting for one reason or another. If you’re seeking a solution to help your little one calm down and you get some rest, give baby yoga a try.

Just like it sounds, baby yoga is simply stretching and positioning of his body that can help relieve tummy aches and gas pains. Below are six of our favorite (easiest!) ways to do baby yoga with your little one so he feels better.

Massage his tummy. Alright, so this isn’t yoga, per say, but it still helps! Place the palm of your hand over his belly button and gently massage his tummy in circular motions. The key here is to be very gentle and consistent in your motions.

Put his feet together. Place the soles of his feet together and then move his legs slowly in a circular motion both clockwise and counterclockwise. Little ones are very flexible, but try not to move outside of a regular range of motion.

Touch his toes to his nose. This is one of our favorites! You can do both feet at the same time or one foot at a time. Don’t hold his toes to his nose for long, though. The idea here is to crunch his tummy up and then straighten in out in an effort to get gas moving. Beware—you may get some surprises when you take both feet to his nose, but that just means it’s working. Go mom!

Bicycle kicks. For this move it’s just like it sounds, you’ll hold your little one’s feet in each of your hands alternating them up and down in a pedaling motion. You may bend one knee all the way up to his belly before straightening his leg back out and bringing the opposite leg up.

Tummy time. By laying him on his stomach, you’re putting pressure on his abdomen and helping his body squeeze out extra air that may have built up. Plus, tummy time is a must for all babies as they develop and learn to hold their head up, roll over and explore. The benefits for his tummy are a great bonus!

Be careful not to do baby yoga too soon after eating or your efforts may backfire and cause him to spit up. After eating, always burp your little one before doing baby yoga. For best results, try a few different movements and positions to help get things moving in your little one’s belly and relieve pains.

And don’t forget to make it fun! Make silly noises or sing to him so that he relaxes and really enjoys baby yoga. Remember, it’s often a mixture of different motions that will give results—and you may even find one or two that he loves most. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime