Baby Safety Month + The Mission to Keep Little Ones Safe


September is National Baby Safety Month, a cause that is very close to our hearts both as a business and as a team of professionals, parents, and caregivers. The Ollie Swaddle was created with the safety of little ones in mind, and the entire premise of our product was developed and created as a safer, smarter alternative to traditional swaddles. 

The story behind The Ollie World began when Hindi Zeidman was a single foster parent to a little boy named Oliver, who was on the verge of being labeled as failure-to-thrive. Other foster parents had difficulty caring for Oliver because he was struggling to eat and sleep. Hindi had a commitment to see Oliver flourish and proceeded to develop a swaddle to meet his needs with the guidance of Dr. Kiti, Oliver's pediatric neurodevelopmental psychologist. Hindi immediately saw drastic changes in Oliver when he began using the swaddle, and he began to catch up on his developmental milestones. Oliver was adopted by a loving family, and Hindi decided to share the Ollie Swaddle with the world in order to help little ones everywhere. 

The design of the Ollie Swaddle is centered around safety in the following ways:

  • The Ollie starts below the shoulders to keep loose blankets away from the face (which is a suffocation risk!) as well as to decrease constraint on developing shoulder joints
  • The Ollie allows for a customized fit, which allows little ones to keep hips widened to decrease the risk of hip dysplasia 
  • The Ollie is made from patented, moisture wicking fabric to assist in reducing the risk of overheating
  • The Ollie label is specifically positioned as another way that parents can ensure proper usage of the product

Baby Safety Month increases consumer awareness of safety issues, as well as the safe selection and use of baby products. Here at The Ollie World, we want to help spread the world to parents and caregivers about baby safety. For the month of September, we will dedicate our feed to spreading safety tips for parents everywhere, and we are so excited about the special guests that we are collaborating with for some fantastic LIVES on Instagram. Here is our Live schedule for the month of September – save the dates! 

Tuesday September 4th: Kelsey Tidland, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner 

Topic: Choosing safe lotions and skin products for your infant and what ingredients to avoid, as well as choosing safe skincare while breastfeeding 

Tuesday September 18th: Marcia Harris-Luna, PhD, FNP-BC, CPNP, IBCLC

Topic: Creating a safe sleep environment for baby

Thursday September 30th: Lori Post, MS, CPST 

Topic: Car Seat Safety Tips: Latch vs Seatbelts + How to Adjust Your Seat 


Can you help us spread the word about the importance of baby safety by being an ambassador? Here's how you can help with this important mission:

Option 1: Post the image below on your Instagram along with the following verbiage in your caption –
"I stand with @theollieworld to help bring awareness on how to keep little ones safe. Head over to their page for details on how you can be a part of this amazing cause. I'm tagging 3 friends with little ones to help spread the word: @Friend1, @Friend2, @Friend3.
Option 2: Post your own image with the following caption –
"September is Baby Safety Awareness month, and I stand with @theollieworld to help keep little ones safe. I was challenged to answer these questions to help raise awareness about this important topic. 
What are the safety related products you can't live without? YOUR RESPONSE.
What is your biggest carseat safety tip? YOUR RESPONSE.
What is your biggest safe sleep tip? YOUR RESPONSE.
What is your biggest feeding safety tip? YOUR RESPONSE
What is your biggest water safety tip? YOUR RESPONSE
I challenge the following friends to repost this with their responses and help @theollieworld spread awareness about the importance of safety for little ones everywhere!"


Thank you, Ollie Fam, for helping us spread the word about this important mission.