after below the shoulders, this is what came next...


part 2 of 3
after the concept of below the shoulders, this was next ...
it literally came to me while shopping in the aisles for a swaddle.
well, i ended up just standing in the aisles for what felt like forever trying to understand all of the various size charts, weights, and fits.
Oliver needed a more snug swaddle for sleep and a looser fit during his feeds, so did i buy multiple?!
did i need to buy all the sizes?
what if i got him the smaller one and he was too big?
what if i got the smaller one and he outgrew it too quickly?
when he outgrew a swaddle and i had to buy a new one, he always seemed to digress, struggle more with sleep, and cause milestone setbacks.
he needed something that would meet his needs and also grow with him. consistency was critical for him.
and, just like that, one size became the next item on my brain list.
thank you for taking the time to read this and just for being here.