Bonding With Your Newborn


Bonding With Your Newborn 

Swaddling your little one is a great start to promoting a strong bond between mom, dad, and baby. Fussy, irritable infants often struggle to bond or attach with their parents because of their lack of focus. 

Adjusting to life outside of the womb is a huge transition, and swaddling helps to eliminate some of the extra stimulation babies can experience. Since The Ollie Swaddle helps your little one sleep better at night, there are more periods of focused, alert state during the day when they are awake. 

Being well-rested means that baby will be able to interact more and learn from mom and dad. Even during the day, you might try swaddling your little one for a little while if he is fussy and inconsolable. Swaddling may help to calm them down while you hold and comfort him. Once he is calm and consoled, you can take off your Ollie and resume interacting and playing. 


The Ollie World Mother and Baby in Bed


While making your little one feel secure is a great start to creating a long-lasting bond, we have a few more suggestions for ways can you bond with your baby: 

Start while you’re pregnant. If you haven’t given birth yet, start finding ways to bond with your unborn baby now. Sing songs and talk to your little one so that when he’s born he’ll recognize not only your voice, but also familiar words and melodies. Rub on your belly and talk about things you’re looking forward to doing with your baby. 

Get plenty of skin-to-skin contact. Lying skin-to-skin with your newborn helps them to regulate their body temperature and also comforts them. After 9 months in your womb, the rhythm of your breathing and heartbeat will help your little one feel safe and familiar. 

Tummy time. Tummy time is such an important tool to help improve your little one’s motor skills and strengthen his core, neck, and shoulders. Your little one needs to be watched during tummy time, so this is a wonderful time to spend one-on-one time interacting and forming an attachment. 

Make eye contact. When your little one is first born, he will only be able to see a few feet in front of them. Making eye contact with your little one while you’re feeding or talking to him will help build that connection. 

Breastfeed if you’re able. Breastfeeding is not only the best nutrition you can provide to your little one, but it’s also a great way to bond. If you can’t breastfeed, try to hold your baby any time you feed him. Holding and snuggling your little one will help him to feel secure with you. 

Don’t forget about dad! Encourage your baby’s father to try each of these ways to bond with your little one, too. Even while you baby is still in the womb, dad can talk to baby and rub on your belly. It’s important for baby to know that both parents are there and that dad is just as comforting as mom. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime