i'm so excited to show you what's coming in january...

there's so much good coming soon.

but first...

i am taking a purposeful break.

there are many aspects that go into this decision…let me start by what this actually means.


i am not going anywhere. it’s my honor to be able to create products for our little ones and to use my voice to advocate for the safety of our little ones.

what prompted even the thought of taking a break was inventory.

the truth is i under-projected, and, as a result, i could not keep up with all of the amazing sales this year. (for example, 'meadow' has been out of stock for months.)

while this is dream-come-true incredible, it also means there will be a short period of time where i run out of inventory while we wait for the new inventory to arrive.

so, with that small overlap, i thought... maybe this is my moment to finally take a break.

my other truth is... physically and mentally, i am depleted. after doing this for ten years, i am f*cking tired.

there is so much pressure and so many expectations put on moms to juggle everything constantly and make it look easy. and that's what i've been trying to do. but it's just not possible.

i’m pouring into Olive from an empty cup. i am pouring into me from an empty cup. so, i am taking a break for me. a break to just be and exist.

i will be pausing the website for november and december. and in january, when i return, i will be coming back fully stocked with…

  • Ollies (including Steele)
  • Alphies
  • Bibs
  • THREE NEW COLORS for all products

my purposeful break comes with an absolutely purposeful (and exciting) comeback.

there is still some inventory left on amazon and target, so you can still purchase there while supplies last.

again, please know, this is a short term pause. i will be back before you know it. also...i can't wait to show you the new colors!!

thank you for your support and always believing in me,

p.s. i am still available and reachable. you can contact me at anytime.

please continue to stay connected...

you will be the first to know about new products, colors and promotions...
everything i have to offer as soon as it happens!

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