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The Ollie Swaddle - Steele

$ 59.00
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Therapeutic Benefits

  • Eases the transition from the womb.
  • Decreases irritability while promoting self-soothing.
  • Encourages calming to increase bonding.
  • Enhances quality of sleep to improve rest and cycle regulation.
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Swaddling Benefits

  • Assists in reducing the Moro reflex or spontaneous arousal.
  • Helps to maintain supine position.
  • Preterm infants show improved neuromuscular development, less physiological distress, better motor organization, and more self-regulation abilities.
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Design Difference

  • Custom designed moisture-wicking fabric to reduce the risk of overheating.
  • Velcro allows fit to be individualized to meet the need and size of baby.
  • Diaper changes made accessible via opening at the bottom.
  • One-size and promotes ease with transitional stages.

The Stripe Ollie features our brand new design with the logo in the center to help parents position and use the swaddle properly.