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Benefits of Swaddling

Numerous medical studies have proven there are many benefits to swaddling. Recently, it has been in the news that swaddling may contribute to SIDS if proper safety precautions aren’t taken – like laying your baby down to sleep on their stomach – but rest assured that the Ollie Swaddle is designed to provide comfort and security with the safety of our little one in mind. Below are ten ways that the Ollie Swaddle is beneficial for your baby.     Swaddled babies have more restful sleep. Swaddling helps your little one to feel secure like they did in the womb. Swaddling helps sleeping infants remain on their backs. Since back sleeping is one of the best ways to reduce the...

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The Impact of Colors on Development

As we are expecting a little one, we often base our color choices on what we like or what we think looks cute. However, each color has different effects on our emotions, making it important to consider the influences of each color.      Color Families: Warm, Cool, and Neutral Warm tones stimulate the mind and energize the body. They can make larger spaces feel cozy and welcoming. However, cozy doesn’t always translate to relaxing and so warm tones aren’t great for bedtime – especially if your little one is already energetic. Compared to warm colors, cool tones tend to offer a more calming effect. They make rooms feel spacious and relaxing. With this in mind, darker shades should be...

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Reading to Baby

Reading is very important skill in life, and it is never too soon to begin reading to your children. Sharing a love of books with your newborn will instill a lifelong love for reading and has many developmental benefits.     It's a great way to bond. Reading to your little one is a very personal one-on-one activity. It can be a very special way for mom, dad or big brother/big sister to bond with baby because the two of you can snuggle and she can listen to your voice, which is often very soothing. This is especially true for mothers since baby has listened to your voice from inside the womb.  Your little one will be more prepared to...

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Homemade Baby Food

When it comes time to transition your little one from breast milk or formula to solids, you may want to try your hand at homemade purees. We have some tips to help get you started as well as some suggestions for first foods to try.  Making homemade purees can be a commitment as far as supplies needed, preparation time and storage. But with some simple organization, it will be worth it for your little one.               Photo: Saffron & Sage   Let’s begin with the why. What are the benefits of making homemade purees for your baby over purchasing prepackaged purees?  You know exactly what your little one is eating Purees made from fresh...

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Safe Sleeping with Ollie Swaddle

It’s part of our mission to see every baby flourish from conception to crawling and as always, our number one priority is the safety of your little one. The Ollie Swaddle is designed to help your baby (and you!) sleep soundly and feel comforted. With that in mind, we have ten tips for naptime and bedtime.     Always place your baby on his back to sleep. When you lay your little one down for a nap or at night, always pace him on his back. Once your baby is able to roll over on his own, he may roll over in his sleep to his tummy or side. As long as he is able to roll back-and-forth, there isn’t...

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