What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed as a New Mom


Written by Irish Riley / photo credit: Pexels

Motherhood, as wonderful as it is, is a huge adjustment for most. It’s normal to be overcome with emotions that are both positive and negative. When you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, these simple steps can help you unwind.

Acknowledge your emotions

First, take a deep breath and sit with your thoughts and emotions. A survey from Orlando Health found that 40% of new moms feel overwhelmed so accept that it’s a common emotion. It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed! There’s a learning curve to parenting and not everyone picks it up right away. Take your time and be comfortable with the fact that you will even make mistakes from time to time. Doing so can help you let go of unrealistic expectations about motherhood and maybe even reduce the pressure that you’re feeling as of the moment.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Finding people to lean on is important when times are tough. Courtney Haller, director of the marketing and public relations program at Maryville University, reminds us that mothers are not supposed to go through this journey alone. Speaking to Thrive Global, Haller’s advice for moms covers how “accepting help is really brave and absolutely not a sign of weakness.” So don’t shy away from asking for help from your partner or anyone from your support system. It doesn’t make you weak; it just makes you human.

Voice out your thoughts and feelings

Sometimes just expressing your emotions can already take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Psychologist Diane Dreher Ph.D. explains that it helps with healing when we share our problems. So other than your partner, look for local or online support groups such as mommy forums. That way, you can connect with other people who are in the same boat as you. You can talk about your own experiences, share advice, or simply find an emotional support system. Just feeling that you’re not alone in experiencing these challenging situations can be enough to ease the stress.

Identify your stressors and address them

It needs to be said that knowing what causes your stress in the first place is crucial to managing it. For example, your newborn is crying through the night which could be causing your own sleep deprivation. The Ollie Swaddle could help with your baby’s sleep as it’s designed to create positive sleep cues while providing maximum comfort. The point is that you need to take time to determine the reasons behind your stress before you can actually address them one by one.

Prioritize self-care

At this point, self-care might be an overused term. As a new mom, however, you might be surprised at how much you actually need it. Our ‘Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms’ article is a useful resource when it comes to finding ways to take care of yourself while you take care of another human being. Even something as simple as taking a few deep breaths or going for an evening stroll can recharge your mind and body! Regardless of what routine you actually follow, what’s important is that you take a few moments to yourself each day. Think of it this way: being in a better physical, mental, and emotional place only makes you a better mom.

It’s not easy being a mother especially if it’s your first time. Know that you’re not going through this alone. So don’t be afraid to give yourself a break every once in a while and some time to ease into your new role.

Written by Irish Riley for theollieworld.com