What sets the Ollie apart?


One question that we get asked quite frequently is what sets the Ollie Swaddle apart from ALL the other swaddles on the market today? As a new parent it can be overwhelming to navigate the hundreds of options available to you and know that you’re getting a product that works.

We want you to be confident in your investment and to know that with The Ollie World, you’re not just paying for a swaddle. You’re investing in the peace of mind that your little one is safe, secure and comforted as she sleeps. 

We understand that each baby has very unique needs and requires individualized solutions. When we created the Ollie Swaddle, we worked to address as many needs as possible without compromising in any aspect.

So, what are some of the issues with swaddling that we have encountered with other blankets, wraps and swaddles?

  • Babies can wiggle free, causing unsafe sleep conditions and restlessness
  • Swaddles are made for smaller babies and don’t adjust as your little one grows
  • Babies easily overheat when sweat is trapped within the swaddle
  • Too-tight swaddles restrict hip movement and put babies at a risk of developing hip dysplasia

Each of the features of the Ollie Swaddle was crafted with your little one’s needs in mind. We follow safe sleep guidelines in the design of the swaddle and looked to those recommendations in our design. What are specific benefits of the Ollie Swaddle? 

Velcro for individualized fit – The Velcro on the Ollie Swaddle ensures that your little one remains secure throughout the night. No more wiggling around and loosening her blanket in the middle of the night and waking up frustrated.

Moisture wicking fabric prevents overheating – Our fabric is patented and is different than any other fabric on the market. There are special threads woven into our swaddle to ensure that the moisture wicking technology will pass the test of time.

Other fabrics that claim to be moisture wicking are in fact sprayed with a residue that wears off after being washed and dried over time. With the Ollie Swaddle, you don’t have to worry about your little one sweating and overheating.

Ollie band helps prevent hip dysplasia – While your little one wants to feel safe and secure as she did in the womb, it is important for her to still maintain a certain range of motion—especially in her hips. Hip dysplasia can occur if your little one’s hips and legs are wrapped too tightly, restricting movement.

The band on the bottom of the Ollie Swaddle is very important because it ensures that the swaddle is secure (think safe sleep guidelines!) while still allowing your little one to move her legs around.

There is one more “ingredient” to our swaddle design that is probably the most important factor in setting our swaddle apart…it was created with love. If you haven’t checked out Oliver’s story, you can check it out here. As always, we are here to be of support to you. Please contact us anytime Care@theollieworld.com.