The Anatomy of The Ollie Swaddle: Breaking Down Each Component


We're often asked what makes the Ollie different from other swaddles and about the distinguishing features that set it apart. We wanted to break down the anatomy of the Ollie to show you why each component is lovingly designed by science with the health and safety of baby in mind. 

First, we want to discuss the importance of swaddling. Swaddling offers many terrific benefits by creating a "womb like" environment to help calm your baby. Swaddling can also lead to better sleep for both you and your little one, which can help decrease the risk of postpartum depression and stress, as well as increase the success of bonding and breastfeeding. 

The Ollie promotes self soothing while decreasing irritability, thus allowing periods of better self-regulation for your little one, as well as increased periods of focus and attention. This promotes alert interaction between you and your baby and thereby enhances bonding!

Here are some of the amazing features that make your Ollie different:

Your Ollie is One Size. 

First, let's discuss the overall design of the Ollie. It is one size, which means you can use your Ollie from birth until you are done swaddling. It was created and developed to grow with your little one. When your little one is able to roll from back to stomach, you can continue using your Ollie as a transitional swaddle with one or both arms out. Here are some of the amazing photos depicting usage of the Ollie across various stages of age and development:

Your Ollie is Ergonomic.

One concern with swaddling is that it can affect the development of your baby’s hips if constraint is put on developing joints. Our fabric provides stretch to allow freedom of movement in joints, while still providing the comfort of a swaddle.

Your Ollie is also made to start below the shoulders, which not only helps keep fabric away from baby's face, but also decreases the strain on your little one's developing shoulder joints. 

Your Ollie Wicks Moisture.

When Hindi set out to create the Ollie, she was determined to find a fabric that would keep babies safer. When she couldn't find anything on the market with the qualities she was seeking, she quite literally created it herself. The Ollie's patented, moisture wicking fabric absorbs moisture away from your little one's skin, transports the moisture to the outer layer, where the moisture can be evaporated into the environment. The purpose of the fabric is to assist in both physiological regulation and reducing the risk of overheating. See the magic below:

Your Ollie is Easy to Use.

We have made the functionality and ease of use a top priority in our design. The right side of the Ollie folds over your amazing little one and tucks snugly behind his or her right side. The left side then pulls over your little one's body to give a custom fit, aligning three high quality velcro strips complete with an elastic tie below baby's feet to ensure that the Ollie stays in place. Say goodbye to confusing swaddling techniques and loose blankets that your baby will instantly break free from.

The Ollie also opens at the bottom for easy, middle of the night diaper changes -- without having to redo the swaddle! Parents call this a game changer. 

Your Ollie Promotes Safety.

Starting below the shoulders is not only ergonomic for baby's developing shoulder joints, but it also ensures that there is no loose fabric around the face. The elastic tie below baby's feet is not only convenient for parents, but it helps to keep the swaddle in place to ensure proper usage. 

Your Ollie Tells A Story. 

The Ollie began with creator Hindi Zeidman when she was a single foster mom to a little boy named Oliver who was on the verge of being labeled as "failure to thrive." As a trained social worker, Hindi's experience in infant mental health had acquainted her with swaddling. The swaddles available on the market, however, didn't seem to help.

Her mission to help Oliver took an unexpected turn as she began to create a swaddle to meet all of Ollie's needs. With the guide of Ollie's pediatric neuro-developmental psychologist, Dr. Kiti, "The Ollie Swaddle" was born. 

Hindi began to see dramatic changes in Oliver from regular use of his swaddle. He began to sleep through the night, eat, and gain weight. Most importantly, he began to catch up on developmental milestones that he had missed -- Ollie began to thrive!

Ollie was adopted in 2009 by a loving family. Hindi was so determined to help other families that in 2013, she founded The Ollie World, home of the Ollie Swaddle, with a vision to see every baby flourish. She is now on another journey to connect parents and practitioners to neuro-developmental resources, like The Ollie! 

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us!