The Restock is Coming!!


the ollie world restock for ollie swaddles is coming

dear Ollie Family, 

the moment WE (both you and me) have been waiting for is here… The Restock Is Coming.

there is truly so much i have to say about this moment, but, for now, i want to start by giving an outline of the dates and details for the restock. 

here is the plan…

the restock will happen in two stages and here is a breakdown of what it looks like:


Stage ONE:

When: September 30th at 9am PST

What: Restock for Stone and Sky


Stage TWO:

When: October 14th at 9am PST

Where: Restock for Meadow and Lavender


i also want to make sure you know how much i appreciate and am grateful for your kindness, compassion, and support over the past year. thank you for your belief in the ollie (and in me)... that is what has kept me going.

i wholeheartedly thank you,




1. How many Ollies can I order at once?

A: there will be a maximum of 3 Ollies per order.


2. Will I really be able to purchase one or will they sell out right away?

A: i can’t predict the number of sales, but what i can tell you is that we have made more Ollies than we have ever made before. and… we already have more on the way, as well as being made. 


3. How long will it take to receive my order?

A: because of the potential high volume of sales, we are estimating it will take orders 2-4 weeks to ship out from our warehouse. 

for any international orders, your orders will be leaving the warehouse in 2-4 weeks, so please be sure to account for the transit time, including customs clearance. 


4. Will bundles be available?

A: no. at this time, we only have single Ollies available for purchase. there are a couple things that are important to note. the first is that we have been out of stock for almost a year. the second thing is that during that time, there has been a significant increase in the cost of goods, shipping pricing, and also labor. 

after looking at all possible solutions, my goal was to not have to raise the price of our products. so, i decided the best decision was to take a break from discounts and bundles for the time being. 

my hope is that it is not long term and we will be able to bring back discount codes and bundles soon. 


5. Can I use a discount code?

A: no. at this time, we are not allowing any discount codes to be used during the initial launch. (please see answer from #4 above for more details).


6. Will Steele be coming back?

A: yes. we are working on getting Steele back, but it will not be part of this launch. please stay tuned for more details of when it will be back in stock (and maybe other colors). 


7. What if I want to purchase a Stone AND a Lavender Ollie (so, one from each stage launch)?

A: there are a couple of options you can choose from… you can make two separate purchases at each stage launch or you can purchase both colors together on the second stage launch on October 14th at 9am PST. 


8. Are these Ollies different than ones sold in the past?

any and every Ollie that is sold has gone through and passed all of our qc specs, as well as our safety testing and certifications (Oeko-Tex Class I and CPSC). any aspect of the product (ex. fabric) that does not meet our spec, is rejected. 


9. Can I pay to expedite the shipping?

we have an option at checkout to pay $5 to contribute to moving the shipping from First Class (default) to Priority. although it will not affect how soon the order is processed through our warehouse (2-4 weeks), it will expedite the shipping time it takes once it leaves our warehouse to get to you.


as always, we are here to be of any support that we can. if you have any further questions, please reach out to us directly anytime at