Newborn Sleep Tips from a Sleep Expert


Hi there mamas, my name is Chrissy Lawler and I am the owner of The Peaceful Sleeper! I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, sleep lover, and baby sleep consultant.

Sleep is so important for both you and baby, and when both of you get the sleep that you need, everyone’s lives are so much better.

I’m here today to share some helpful sleep tips with you guys if your baby is just not having it with sleep and how The Ollie Swaddle can be a key component in helping to get your sweet babe the sleep that they need.

Culprits to Rule Out
First, when you have a newborn (0-6 months) it’s important to first rule out gas and acid reflux if they are being fussy and aren’t getting the sleep that they need.
All babies are different, but some good rules of thumb that your baby is experiencing acid reflux are:
 Upset after eating
 Sour breath
 Stinky or curdled spit up
 Arching their heads back and stretching their neck
 Mad when they’re laid down and happy when they’re sitting up

Again, all babies are different, but some signs that your baby is having gas issues are:
 Hard belly and/or bloating
 Squirming and fussing
 Burps/ toots
 Sharp/sudden cry as if baby is in pain

These are the biggest culprits for bad sleep in babies, but if you’ve rules them out there are a few tricks you can do to get your baby sleeping great again.

Tips to Calm Your Baby
Stomach Position
Yes, your baby’s back is best for them to sleep on, but it’s the worst for soothing. Hold your baby on their side or on their tummy while you gently rock or bounce them. My favorite is to sit in bed with my legs bent in front of me and lay baby on their tummy facing away from me. Then I can move my legs side
to side to gently rock her.

Sucking is incredibly soothing for babies. In general, babies are a bit clumsy with pacifiers at first and they spit it out a lot. But if you keep at it and keep trying, they’ll learn to take it. They might find their own fist or thumb, or you can offer your own pinky finger to suck on. The breast is also a great soothing
option but beware of over-feeding.

Babies LOVE to swaddle! The reason for this is that the tight, constricted feeling mimics the snug, warm feeling of the womb. You want to have their arms wrapped tight by their sides and the legs and hips loose, which is exactly what the Ollie Swaddle does to a T! The Ollie Swaddle has Velcro edges to keep the swaddle nice and tight, a patented moisture-wicking fabric that helps reduce overheating, stretch fabric that keeps them snug yet loose to promote proper hip development, and a bottom opening for hassle-free diaper changes. I love the Ollie Swaddle and all that it offers for babies, especially the arms out feature for when your baby becomes more mobile. I love the story behind the Ollie Swaddle and it truly helps babies get a comfortable and snug swaddle!
When your baby is fussy and isn’t getting the sleep that they need, it can be frustrating and stressful because not only is your baby lacking sleep but so are you! Going through these soothing tricks will help wonders. The most important thing you need to remember is to keep calm! You got this mama and you
are doing great and your baby will be fine. It’s hard to believe that in the moment, but you are going to be fine!

If you have any more sleep questions, come check my out on Instagram (@thepeacefulsleeper) and I have a sleep training book, guides, and courses all on my website,, for that extra help!