The Baby Items I Really Use


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It can be a bit overwhelming when deciding which products to purchase for your little one. Now that Olive is here, it is clear which products I actually use with her. I had a list of products I thought I needed, but these are the ones I truly use with her. Please note, I am not sponsored by these brands nor am I being paid; this is my honest opinion about what has worked best for me and my daughter:


1. Clek Liing

I have always been a fan of this company and the safety features provided with their products. So, when they announced they were launching an infant car seat, the Liing, I knew this was a top item for me. 

2. Miku Care

Again, like the Clek, safety is another important topic and the category this product falls under. I love that it does not have to physically be on my daughter to be used and that it looks at her breathing, sleeping patterns, room temperature, and movement too. 

3. Hatch Baby Grow

This has been so wonderful. I have been not only been able to weigh Olive at any time for any reason (like just to see how big she is getting), I also used it to weigh her before and after a feeding to see how much milk she was taking in. It can be hard to know how much she is getting and if she is getting enough, so the Grow has been so helpful. 

4. Bugaboo Fox

When looking at strollers, it can be quite overwhelming. I started with looking at those compatible with the Clek Liing, since I knew I would be using it with the carseat. Once I saw the Bugaboo Fox, I fell in love though. You actually get to fully customize the stroller and every aspect of it, so it is completely personal to what you like. When we take even a 15 minute stroller walk, I feel like I have accomplished so much for the day, 

5. Nook Sleep Pure Mattress

As you can tell, safety played a huge role in every decision I made for the products for my daughter. So, when looking at where she would be sleeping, I knew I wanted to start with the best mattress, which is Nook Sleep Pure. The safety, breathability, and the fact that a crib sheet is not needed, made it an easy choice for me. 

6. Dr. Browns Bottles

Breastfeeding has been one of the most challenging things for me (this is a topic for another post). When I decided to implement bottle feeding, I tried so many bottles looking for the right one with the slowest flow and least amount of air. I finally found Dr. Browns bottles and, combined with their Preemie nipple, it has made a world of difference. 

6. Grey Fox Diaper Bag

There are so many diaper bags to choose from, but I knew I wanted a backpack style. So, from there, it was all about the design and function. I love the look of Grey Fox. I actually got it before the baby arrived and I made it my new purse.

7. Blooming Bath Lotus

The first bath is hard enough without having to worry about what the baby actually sits in. It is a scary and overwhelming ordeal. So, having the blooming bath made it that much easier because I felt comfortable with Olive resting on such a soft bath. 

8. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

Breastfeeding and pumping were (and still are) things that were quite overwhelming to me. So, when so many people kept recommending the Haakaa, I knew I had to try it. It is the easiest thing... you attach it and let it works its magic and before you know it, there is breastmilk waiting for you. 

9. Frida Baby

I was a bit apprehensive the first time I needed to use the Snotsucker, but, let me tell you, the way it cleared up my daughter's breathing, was incredible. I keep it ready on hand for any time it might be needed.  

10. The Ollie Swaddle

Of course, this had to make the list. Olive has been using her Ollie since day one in the hospital and every day since for naps and night sleep. She even debuted our newest color, which is in the works and does not even have a name yet). 

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