Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Bath


September is National Baby Safety Awareness Month, and we want to speak about some important safety related topics throughout the month to help keep your little one safe. First, let's talk about safety at bath time. What is the best way to bathe your baby to keep her safe? What kinds of precautions should you take? Here are 5 easy and important tips to keep your baby safe at bath time. 

1. Ensure the best temperature of the water. One thing to remember is that your baby has very sensitive skin and is therefore more susceptible to burns than you are. You want your baby's bathwater to be lukewarm, and make sure to swirl the water with your hands to make sure there aren't any hot pockets. The temperature should read just above 100 degrees F to prevent burns. There are some great tubs and faucets on the market that detect the water temperature so that you're able to keep it safe. 

2. Keep all your products close. What kinds of items do you need to bathe your baby? Think about not only the tub, shampoo, and body wash, but also about what you use after the bath. This would include a towel, and sometimes a diaper and dry clothes if you change baby in the bathroom. Even walking from one side of the bathroom to the other, a single second makes a difference. Having everything within an arm's length away ensures optimal safety. 

3. Fill the tub with only an inch of water. This is all baby needs to stay safe and clean!

4. Consider spout covers and non-skid mats. These will help keep your little one free of bumps and bruises, as well as potential slips. 

5. Always make sure that your baby is supervised at all times. This is the most important tip of all – never leave your baby unattended in the bath, even for a moment. Children can drown in less than an inch of water, so make sure that you have all the supplies that you need before you start bath time. If the doorbell rings or you hear your phone and it's something you have to attend to right away, grab your baby and wrap her in a towel to take her with you. 


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