it's Ollie Full Circle™ with foster-infants: this is our history and our future


i would love to introduce you to Ray, who is an almost 3 month old amazing little boy. i cannot show his picture because he is a foster infant, but i would still love to paint a picture.
Ray is living with his foster-to-adopt mom and they were both having a hard time. Ray could not be soothed, their attachment was struggling, and his foster-mom was exhausted. Ray was being seen at SART, which is a local center that provides a trans-disciplinary team approach to address and support drug and/or trauma exposed infants and children from ages 0-5. We donate ollies to all SART centers and Ray received his ollie in the clinic, where he was being seen. immediately, right after wrapping Ray in his ollie, he calmed. 
with tears in her eyes, his foster-mom said she had never seen him stop moving and they had their FIRST eye-to-eye contact. 
Ray's foster-mom said, "Since using the swaddle and learning what you are teaching me, he has begun to grow and is sleeping and learning new skills. You and the Ollie saved my life, I was so sleep deprived. Thank you."


i wanted to share this particular story because Ray was so similar to Oliver, my foster son and the reason behind why the ollie was created. and, the positive changes that i saw with Oliver, after he starting using his ollie was what truly motivated me to start The Ollie World. 
since the company started, we have donated thousands of ollies to foster-infants and their families. it is where we come from and it is something we will always do... and that is why Ollie Full Circle™ exists. 
thank you always,