Introducing The Ollie Swaddle Logo As Another Level of Safety


Our mission here at The Ollie World is to see every baby flourish. We developed the Ollie Swaddle to be different from other swaddles for a variety of reasons, all with your baby's safety in mind. Our custom designed, moisture-wicking material helps to assist in reducing the risk of overheating, while the stretch and custom closure allows the fit to be individualized to meet the needs and size of your little one.

Your little one's safety is our top priority, so we wanted to make it even easier to ensure proper usage of the Ollie. We have added the Ollie logo to your swaddle as another level of safety. The logo will assist you in making sure the Ollie is used correctly, since it will always be below the shoulders, several inches away from your little one's chin, and within the chest area. As your little one grows, the logo will begin migrating slightly, but it will always remain within the chest area, below the shoulders, and several inches below your little one's chin. 

The Ollie always begins below the shoulders for safety reasons. First, this ensures that unlike other swaddles, there is no loose fabric around baby's face, which could increase the risk of suffocation. Second, this also ensures that no constraint is put on the developing shoulder joints. 

The last critical step is ensuring the elastic loop is tied directly below your little one's feet. This will help to keep your Ollie in place and also allow for easy-access diaper changes. 

Here is a detailed breakdown on how to use your Ollie:

Step 1: Place the top of your little one’s back at the top of the Ollie.

Step 2: Fold right side over and tuck snugly behind your little one’s right side. Pull the left side over and attach hook and loop to customize the fit to meet the need and size of your little one. The Ollie logo is designed to signify correct usage to help you know that your Ollie is positioned correctly. When your amazing little one is a newborn, the logo will be positioned below your little one's shoulders and within the chest area.

As your baby grows, the logo will shift slightly, but will always remain below the shoulders and within the chest area. Exact positioning of the logo will vary throughout all stages depending on your little one's size. When you pull the sides of your Ollie across your little one, it should ALWAYS be below their shoulders. This is important to make sure that there is no excess fabric bunching around the neck or any constraint put on the developing shoulder joints.

Step 3: Tie the elastic loop directly under your little one’s feet.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.